30/03/2014 Step By Step & Piece By Piece

Step by step, one piece after another… so it grows with every piece… and it will take its time…

DEUTSCH Stück für Stück des Stoffes wird eingenäht. So wächst der Postcrossing Quilt mit jedem Stück, das ich erhalte… das dauert seine Zeit.

1) Jedes Stück wird per Hand eingenäht.

2) Der bisher genähte Quilt… im Hintergrund ein altes Nadelkissen meiner Großmutter.

3) Stück für Stück wird eingenäht.

4) Es wächst Schritt für Schritt.

5) “Kirchenfenster”-Muster Rückseite



    1. Hi Cath, thank you! I love the circles which are the result of “framing” the fabric pieces… as I wrote… piece by piece 😉
      I love your paperpiecing… it looks so very precise, like the lines where drawn with a ruler, great. Kind Regards, Annett

    1. Hello, I’m not sure yet how big I’ll make it… perhaps I make only the middle part with the cathedral-window-pattern and another pattern around… I’ll see. It depends on the fabrics which will be sent to me. Thank you for your comment. Knetty

      1. I made one about that size and my daughter , then in high school, harassed me so badly about it, that four years later it was a queen sized quilt. It is SO heavy!

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