Chicken run continues – and the winner is…

November is over – and it’s done! The next leg of chicken run can start now.

There where 14 comments on my chicken introducing blog post: 4 friendly comments, 6 of my own,  2 pingbacks and 2 interested persons who would like to get one of my beauties and make another one. Two is not much… but it is enough to try the Random Number Generator! And I did!

drawn with the Random Number Generator

winner drawn with the Random Number Generator

The winner is: NUMBER 2 –> The second comment (in order of arrival) came from:

Oh what a great idea. I would love one of the chickens to find their way to Oregon USA. We will call him Mr. Cluck (unless my son overrules this name for something more spirited). It would feel at home with all the neighbor’s urban chickens.
Maybe I’ll get to send one off into the world!


So one of my chickens is now a little rooster and named Mr. Cluck – he will go to a journey to

Laura, Oregon, USA.

I don’t know now which chicken will fly to Laura but I’ll tell you as soon as I know! So, who is “Mr. Cluck”?



  1. Woohoo! I am delighted to get a chicken. My kids and I decided the log cabin one is for us. He will have a nice home here in Oregon. Now I have to get to work on my own chickens/roosters, I hope mine will turn out half as nice as knettycraft’s! Thank you for such a fun contest.

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