Does anyone remember why I started this blog… or has anyone ever read my “about”? If not: Originally I started this weblog because of another hobby of mine: exchanging postcards with people from all over the world with In my profile there I asked postcrossing members to send me fabricpieces to create a “postcrossing-quilt”. Meanwhile that quilt is a work in progress  and I started running this blog to show how the quilt starts and grows with every new fabric I received. Thank all postcrossers for their sent fabrics & being part of it!

When I started sewing the postcrossing quilt … I never did something like that before (but always wanted to 🙂 ) … first (totally unexperienced with piecing) I have chosen a handsewing pattern and started with cathedral windows …  it seems to be perfect for all the different kind of fabrics I received: very shiny and thin lucent fabrics beside strechy ones and very heavy upholstery fabrics… and not all fabrics are cotton.  And so (… I’m so sorry …) I cut the first fabrics in small pieces… but then I started the blog and was more buzy with blogging than with postcrossing. I learned a lot about piecing and quilting, got a new sewing machine, made my first baby quilt… my first big quilt… And so I decided to make another pattern, something which was closer to the postcrossing item: I’ve chosen a kind of “postcard-pattern” and put all small pieces in the outer border:

The image of the front shows the “postcard-pattern” – I cut fabrics in postcard size, some pieces are on this picture covered with all the received postcards. The quilt measures 43″x43″ (110×110 cm), and that’s what it looks like now:

It's done

For the quilt’s back I chose a fabric from “Eclectic Elements”, designed by Tim Holtz because in my view it was perfect for the post topic: “Correspondance”.

... our postman's bicycle

… our postman’s bicycle

When I came back today morning from my “photo session” in our park I met our postman… and so I told him about the postcrossing quilt and that it was he who delivered all these envelopes with fabric to me… He didn’t want to be photographed, he said, but with his bike I could do what I wanted – so I did. 🙂

All in all I received fabrics from 15 postcrossers from 11 countries. If you want to check out all the different fabrics you can do in my special posts about the fabrics I received. Here you’ll find the first pattern I tried too…

I just noticed, I didn’t show the last fabric piece I received from Michelle, NL: it was a tiny piece of a scarf.


last piece






I stiched all postcrosser’s names and countries where I received fabrics from in a border on the quilt top – thank you all for being a part of it:

When I see the pictures now… I have again to say: THANK YOU!!! I’m so thankful for all these fabric pieces and that you all joined in  the project.  And thank you all for your support for me – without you I would have never had the courage to blog (certainly not in English) – for me personally it was really a milestone!

That quilt is now an international web… fabrics from all that different countries interwoven – for me it is a sign of  cross border friendship and so important in times like ours.

Fabric one for another postcrossing quilt!

Sari from Finland sent fabric one for another postcrossing quilt!

Caused by a strange coincidence last week  I received another envelope with fabric – the quilt was already almost finished, just a rest of the binding I was left. First I thought about a kind of afterwards appliqué … but how could I add name & country then… And so I decided the fabric piece from Sari, Finland will be the first of another postcrossing quilt. I’ll collect fabrics from all over the world until the end of summer 2015 and start sewing in autum… perhaps a scrappy one … or some appliqué?




  1. Your postcrossing quilt is FABULOUS!!! The pattern you used in the end is perfect. I love that you added on the names and countries too.

  2. Annett,
    I just love your quilts! I definitely have some fabric scraps to send you from a crazy quilt I am working on. I would love to send them on to you for your work. Kindly, ~Jaime

  3. Hello Annett, I’m also a postcrossing quilter! In fact, I discovered postcrossing when somebody commented on my blog during a Quilters’ Blog Hop three years ago. Your quilt is lovely and your blog is off to a great start. Have fun. From Mary in Texas

  4. The finished quilt is lovely! I love the concept behind it and that you’ve included everyone’s names and countries in the border.

  5. Annett, I am a volunteer with Vicki’s Grow Your Blog party 2015, which is TODAY! I just wanted to remind you that if you’d still like to take part, a dedicated post for GYB is required by 9:00 pm EST (3:00 am CET, I believe). Hope you can take part!

    Your quilt is lovely and this is an exceptional project 🙂

  6. This is so awesome! I am in postcrossing to and wow you are way ahead in awesomeness. Keep it up and I sure do wish to see what you do next 😀

  7. Isn’t it wonderful to know people from all over the world touched the fabric now in that quilt. The quilt photo at a distance looks like a basket weave. The fabrics go so well together. Best of luck on your next one.

  8. What an incredible post and a simply beautiful quilt! Love reading the story of how this quilt came to be. The addition of the names and countries of the participants was such a lovely added touch. Congratulations on a fabulous finish!

  9. Oh good, then I can send you some fabric in return for what you sent me for Worldwide Friends! I hope you have done something with the Cathedral windows you already made? If not, perhaps you could consider making them the centre of the next quilt? I shall go and look in my collection for something for you. Do you have a colour or theme for the new quilt, or is anything OK? Now’s the time to decide!

    1. 🙂
      Of course I thought about what kind of quilt I could make… without knowing which fabrics I’ll receive until autumn … I have two preferences: Either a kind of appliqué tree-quilt with multicoloured leaves and blossoms or a quilt with a scrappy pattern… So I have no preferences concerning the colours! I love surprises!

      1. Your Tree of Life is wonderful. … perhaps I can make a kind of Tree of People… Do you notice – I begin to slow down 😉

      2. I hadn’t but taking it easy is always a good idea! I’m glad you like the Tree of Life, it was a very long job, but so worth it!

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