Happy Easter… Frohe Ostern!

I wish you all Happy Easter … the Easter preparations kept me busy:

left in the front a selfmade soapstone chicken

We chose only a small Easter bouquet with a few green branches and some daffodils. Of course we have selfcoloured eggs for decoration…

coloured easter eggsI used different techniques to colour the eggs – there are some painted eggs, some eggs decorated with scretching and etched with citron acid and some with a wax reserve technique.

And of course we have some coloured eggs for eating too…

... these are for eating

… these are for eating



  1. What beautiful eggs you have my dear! I’ve never heard of using citron acid for decorating Easter eggs. I don’t do much Easter decorating anymore either now that the children are grown and gone. This year I’ve hardly done anything more than bring fresh spring flowers into the house. I sure am enjoying them though!

  2. Are the very artsy ones blown eggs … empty? I just love that red one. Such pretty designs you made on those!

  3. Such pretty eggs! I wish I had time this Easter for more decorations, but sewing and nursing the Husband after his surgery is taking up all my time. Have a wonderful Easter!

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