April is over and brought spring…

Beside enjoying the arrival of spring…


… I was busy working on the birthday quilt which I’ll give away to a family member’s birthday when I visit Berlin in the middle of May… I hope you understand that I can’t show the whole quilt yet (I’ll show it after the party).

Oh… and in April I produced a lovely UFO – but I’ll continue to work on it (eventually).


Abgesehen davon, dass der April mir einen schönen Kurztrip nach Brügge (die Garnspulen im Beitragsbild sind ein Mitbringsel aus einem dortigen Flohmarktladen) beschert und einen phantastischen Frühlingsausbruch gebracht hat, habe ich auch an dem ***Quilt weitergearbeitet über den ich hier noch nicht so viel erzählen kann, weil er ein Geschenk ist… also später mehr 🙂

Nicht ganz so rühmlich ist das Oster-UFO, das ich produziert habe… eigentlich sollte es ein kleiner Wandbehand für die Osterzeit werden; naja, ich werde daran weiterarbeiten (irgendwann).



  1. I love your shiny threads picture. Your spring flower collage is glorious! It just makes the heart sing, doesn’t it? I look forward to seeing the full birthday quilt. Your quilting is what I would consider a very difficult design for a sit-down machine, yet it looks wonderful. I like the embroidery on your eggs, too. Nice job all the way around, Annett!

    1. Thank you Susan. I bought the old yarn spools in a fleamarket shop when I visited Bruges. The quilting pattern itself was quite easy – only curvy lines (I marked with a trickmarker) which in combination make this pattern… more difficult I found to handle the quilt to move it under the sewing machine … but in one thing I suppose you’re right: quilting straight lines would have been much easier 🙂

  2. I’ve come to love spring for its’ flowers. Summer used to be my favorite season but I think spring has surpassed it as a result of where we live now. Our springs here are especially lovely. Or maybe I was just too young to appreciate the season previous to this!

  3. Aha! Someone is having fun with the WordPress gallery tool! Lovely photos of spring – I miss the spring flowers of the Northern Hemisphere…
    You have a much nicer sewing machine than mine, but as my machine is still working very well and does the job, I’ll have to put up with it for a long time still… Maybe I’ll ask for a new one for my 60th birthday – still a good few years away!

    1. Yeah… I love that – do you remember I used it earlier for my postcrossing quilt fabric gallery to have created a lind of randomquilt 🙂
      … I love my machine (it is a Janome horizon)… I gifted it to myself last year after I started sewing again – before I was 15 years owner of a kind of “supermarket machine”…. and took it only out of its case to be frustrated! And with the Janome sewing machine I avoid to blame the machine for my mistakes – it was something my clarinet teacher taught me: never to play on a substandard instrument (especially as a beginner) because you never would seek the fault for mistakes in your missing skills or too little exersising but in the instrument…. that means if I sew a crooked seam or the thread is always breaking it wasn’t the machine but I have to try again and again. Still sewing a lot of uneven seams 🙂 (… and often blame the machine) 😉

      1. Oh yes, a better machine makes for a better quilter! I can testify to that truth. It helps to have the right accessories too (patchwork foot, even feed system, etc.).

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