Weekend finish… disappearing fourpatch

rainAfter some days of heavy heat came the rain… it was hot (about 40°C) but time to sew & quilt.






Last week I used up some fabrics to try a disappearing fourpatch pattern I saw somewhere. I used a Moda-charmpack (avantgarden) and a low volume fabric to make the squares.


chain piecing two squares

chain piecing two squares


connecting the pairs....

connecting the pairs….

... connecting the pairs to squares...

… connecting the pairs to squares…

cutting the squares and changing / turning the pieces before they were sewed together again

cutting the squares and changing / turning the pieces before they were sewed together again

It was thought  for a colleague who is getting her second grand child… I showed her pictures of the top but she didn’t like it… so I don’t know any other baby to give a receiving blanket away. I finished the blanket – as backside I took a cotton tablecloth from a bargain I bought last year and quilted it with gently curves. I just improvised the binding with the folded backside fabric.

That is what it looks like:

the front

the front

And the back side. It is appr. 30 x 38″

the back side out of a cotton table cloth

the back side out of a cotton table cloth

It took just a few minutes the cat claimed it… so the blanket has an owner now 🙂



  1. Babies need to see bright and cheerful colours and your quilt is purr-fect for a baby. I made a similar one for my sister’s granddaughter three years ago. She still plays I-Spy with it and follows the quilting lines with her finger. I love the wavy quilting you’ve done too.

  2. I’m with everyone else in wondering why your coworker didn’t like it. Perhaps the colours weren’t her favourites, but I still would have appreciated the work that went into it. I’m sure your kitty is happy though – SHE/HE at least has good taste!

    1. Thank you Mary Anne… as I said, I didn’t ask her before, it was my own risk. And she said her daugter won’t like neither the colours/the multicolouring nor the pattern (all the small pieces). It is ok.

  3. P.S. Love your disappearing 4 patch pattern. I have seen the nine patch..also very nice!! TY!!!<3

  4. I love ALL quilts! I love that they are all different from one another and yet all so beautiful in there own homemade way 🙂 Just like us!! I have been looking at this pattern for my scraps and even some star patterns made with scraps that really look easy!!
    Cats are so smart 😉 Love every quilt …smile at everyone ..and appreciate the wonderful connections we all share!! Thank you so very much my quilting friend…”Sew “appreciate all your posts!!
    Carry from USA Waving !!!!!!!! HUGS!!!!!

  5. I wonder what your colleague didn’t like. Now the cat is satisfied, and you learnt a new technique. I think it’s beautifully colourful and happy.

  6. Your colleague, I’m sorry to say, has no taste! That’s a pretty quilt, a lovely fabric selection, and a generous thought she has refused. The cat is clearly delighted, and rightly so!

  7. I can’t understand why she didn’t like it. It’s wonderful, colorful and very adorable! Obviously, your cat has good taste. =)

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