Trip to Utrecht

Last weekend me and my daughter visited Utrecht in the Netherlands, just 170 km from us … We stayed at a local’s home – we were travelling via airbnb … it was a great experience. Marianne, the woman we lived at was so kind and helpful… she took time for some chats, gave hints and lent us bikes so we were able to go to the city centre in only a few minutes… with the “Thank you doodle” (title picture) I thanked her for the nice stay.

And because I travelled with a teenager we had a one day side-trip for shopping to Amsterdam too…

I must admit that I wanted to go to a special store too… since I read about it at Nikki’s blog post a while ago I wanted to go there. And I did 🙂

 And of course I didn’t leave the shop without buying anything…



  1. Hi Annett. It looks like that you had a superb time in Utrecht. You got there some wonderful fabrics!! Looking forward to see your projects using your new acquisitions. Greetings, Barbora

    1. I wish a day would have 48 hours… I think these fabrics have to wait a while. I have nearle finished my daughter’s quilt (joined the blocks with qayg technique – and loved it!). I should begin with my next postcrossing quilt now. And there are so many blocks or patterns I would love to try….

  2. What wonderful pictures. I hope to see places like this for myself someday. I love your fabric acquisitions.

    1. We had really… although with a 17 year old shopaholic it is somtimes very special… as you said: great mother/daughter memories! 🙂

  3. Dear Annett,
    Thank you so very much for taking us along on your trip to Utrecht! I had a fantastic time! :-)!!! It is indeed the best way to start a Sunday morning here in the USA. It is very much appreciated . Should I ever get the chance to go I would choose you to be our guide.
    Perfect trip and best places to visit!! I love the fabric shops and the gorgeous buildings. The church picture brought a special feeling as well. Felt like I was right there with you and I extend my sincere gratitude for the smile you have brought me this morning.
    Now back to my cutting . Enjoy your day and may you receive the joy …that you bring to so many of us . Beautiful pictures !!!

  4. Isn’t it great to have mother and daughter days?
    I have never been to Utrecht but I used to go to Amsterdam fairly regularly (I worked for an airline so the flights were free!) but, being young at the time I recall spending quite a bit of time in the shops and also in the bars watching large heads of froth being sliced off the top of the beer before drinking it. Although I did go to the Rijksmuseum too so I wasn’t completely without culture 😉
    That quilt shop looks amazing and I love your fabric choices and the fact that they are wrapped up in tissue paper and packed in a box.

    1. I must admit I am not really the shopping queen… although it is fabric, wool or sketching material… But I was kind of onfected by my daughter. … who can resist in a shop named “forever 21” 😉

  5. What a fun – and fine – time you had. Gorgeous fabrics, both the new and old designs. Utrecht is such a beautiful place, and a wonderful mix of old and new. My niece is a professor at the university there, and she loves the place.

    1. It sounds if your family is spread over the whole world 🙂
      I visited Utrecht first two years ago and it was love at the first sight… a very lively and young city, old and modern side by side… it was a daughter-centered trip so shopping and hanging around were in the foreground. I would have loved to see some more places… they have a wonderful botanical garden there. My son and I we had a kanu tour in all the canals two years ago on a golden autumn day – that was so great.

      1. I have family in France, the UK and the Netherlands, and also here in Australia. My father lived in northern Spain for many years, but now that he is 92, he has gone to live with my brother in the UK.
        I love the Netherlands (well, I would, I’m half Dutch…), and I miss it a lot. More than England really…

      2. Wow… I didn’t know. And do you speak Dutch too? I can translate when I am reading most of it …. perhaps I bought the latest Quiltmania magazine there and can inderstand. I would like to learn the language … alone for the reason that it is really nearby.

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