F2F blockswap progress

As I told in earlier posts I am “Miss July” in the F2F blockswap – that means I’ll receive 33 12-inch-blocks this month and make three of my own. Therefor I choosed a colour scheme: turquoise / green / orange – white background … something like that (and all other variations of the chosen colours):

My colour scheme for F2F - orange/green/turquoise on a white background

My colour scheme for F2F – orange/green/turquoise on a white background

Every of the other participants choose the patterns for the three blocks. Although July isn’t over now I received already some wonderful blocks… as alway it was diffficult to catch the real colours:

The first was Avis – she made four blocks instead three (she told me she couldn’t stop making them). Avis made wonderful New York Beauties for me:

Lynn sent three lovely blocks from France:

From Sue I got these three beauties:

This week I got mail from the Netherlands – Esther, who was “Miss June”,  sent her blocks (and some quilting goodies 🙂 ) too:

As you can see it will be a lovely quilt when all these blocks are joined. Today I finished the last block I made for myself:

Isn’t that gorgeous??? And I will receive 21 more blocks in the next few weeks!!! And I am already so excited what wonderful blocks will reach me and will at last come together in one appr. 72×72″ quilt.

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Wie schon in vorherigen Beiträgen berichtet, bin ich “Miss Juli” im F2F Blockswap – das heißt, alle anderen Teilnehmer nähen im Juli jeweils 3 Blöcke für mich – jeweils 12″ / 30 cm groß. Die Farben habe ich selbst ausgesucht und bin, auch nachdem die ersten Blöcke ankamen und ich meine eigenen drei schon genäht habe immer noch glücklich über meine Farbwahl: orange/grün/türkis auf weißem Hintergrund … so wie hier auf dem Bild mit den Ostereiern zum Beispiel (aber auch alle anderen Spielarten dieser Farben):

Inzwischen sind schon einige Blöcke angekommen und ich habe meine 3 eigenen genäht… natürlich bin ich, wenn ich mir all diese schönen Blöcke anschaue schon neugierig auf die 21 Blöcke, die in den nächsten Wochen noch aus aller Welt hier ankommen werden…


My colour scheme for F2F - orange/green/turquoise on a white background



  1. Your blocks are all wonderfully vibrant and so different. I’m sorry to say one of mine matches one you have already received, but is in very different fabrics and colours and is a little different. I don’t look to see what’s already been made, so just make what I feel works with the fabric I have. A week or so before mine arrive, can’t wait to see how you put all your blocks together.

  2. It has to be exciting to go to your mailbox when all this goodness is arriving! Can’t wait to see what else you end up receiving.

    1. Thank you Mary Anne! It is exciting – expecially every block is unique, there are no similar fabrics or patterns so far. It will be a big quilt for my bed once and I am looking forward to look at it alway knowing who has given the blocks.

    1. Thank you Claire. Yes, I am still happy with my colour choice … it is very surprising to open the incoming envelopes with the blocks. I’ve never guessed before what a huge colour palette is hidden at last in these three colours!

    1. Thank you Avis! I didn’t paperpiece my own blocks… the curved herringbone is just improvised, the swoon block is really pieced (oh what a struggle with all the small pieces…) and the twisted blossom is pieced too. Paperpiecing is always a good possibility to reach accuracy… just piecing is a good way for me to improve my dkills really. Only my backsides aren’t “nice and flat”…. often it seems to be a science of its own to catch the right seam pressing direction.

  3. You do have a really wonderful collection there! All beautiful, all different and it’ll be very interesting to see how you assemble them into a quilt.

    1. Yes! I love that all the blocks are different and I am looking already forward to the moment I can find a layout with all blocks then … I’m really glad I participate. Sewing all these single blocks is such a good way to try new techniques or patterns I avoided so far.

      1. Exactly! One block is enough to tell you whether you love it and want to do more, or whether you never want to see it ever again!

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