Rag Quilt Finished… and what I have been busy doing as well

Every day I I have stared at my rag quilt’s seams and I litarally couldn’t wait for the parcel with the special tool.  So I finally took my regular fabric scissors…

20150828_131211Meanwhile I finished the quilt (and can take the tool for upcoming rag quilts 🙂 ). I love how it turned out after washing it … and I was really thankful for the tip from alookatthelittlethings who said she put her last rag quilt into a pillow case before it went into the washer, because that really helped contain all the loose threads that came off of it. In fact I collected loose threads in tons from my washing machine and from the ground!!! It was unbelievable! Finishing size is 62×84″ (155×210 cm). But now have a look:

All in all it took less than a week until it was done …

Meanwhile summer is definetely over and autumn has arrived. We had a cold, rainy and windy weekend. My daughter sorted out an old pillow and it was immediately occupied by the cat… so I sewed a fast pouf and used the old pillow for the filling. I used a tutorial by Gina @theshabbycreekcottage

screen-shot-2015-03-02-at-7-13-18-amI was Miss July in the F2F block swap and meanwhile I received nearly all blocks the other participants made  for me. I am still waiting for three blocks from Australia – and I am really afraid they were lost… but who knows all the secrets of postal service. I will wait a bit longer and hope they will arrive soon.

Susan from desertskyquilts was Miss August – and these were the blocks I made (her chosen colour palette was blue/white/red):

I also managed to sew my first scrappytriparoundtheworld block for the Scrappytripalongbee – the colour choice was black and white with a hot pink center strip:


This weekend I played a bit with some scraps and a template I bought a while ago: the Mini Wacky Web template from the MSQC (here is a tutorial for it) … Originally it is thought to use paper triangles for it but I did it without. I inverted the colours and used white for the “stars” and colours for the points of the triangles – and changed fore- and background in this way.  I love the way it looks. Today I  sewed 20 blocks together … my first idea was a baby quilt (but for which baby?). I put it aside to add more scraps later.

mini wacky web / mini periwinkle template

So now I wish you all a nice week – I suppose I’ll have no time to sew the next week.




  1. You’ve been a busy girl! I love your rag quilt. I made a couple of those several years ago and didn’t know the hint about the special scissors or washing in a pillowcase. Sure would have saved a lot of time/mess!

  2. Hallo Annett,
    vielen Dank für Deinen Kommentar auf meinem Blog. Da mußte ich Dich doch gleich mal besuchen kommen. 🙂 Wow, bei Dir ist ja einiges los. Dein Rag Quilt ist toll, und Du hast ja auch einen Pouf gemacht, cool.
    Deine Katze ist auch sehr süß.
    Bin gespannt, wie es mit Deinem Squared Dresden Quilt weitergeht. Klasse, daß Du die abgeschnittenen Teile auch noch verwendest. Ich hatte nämlich auch darüber nachgedacht, daß mir das zu viel Verschnitt wäre. 🙂
    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Danke für Deinen Besuch! Ja, der Squared Dresden Quilt hat mich sofort gereizt und so waren die Blöcke relativ schnell fertig… da hatte ich allerdings auch Urlaub. Sie sind mittlerweile auch schon mit Rückseite und Vlies versehen und zum Teil gequiltet (ich quilte sie einzeln und werde sie anschließend mit Sashing Streifen verbinden). Aber es braucht noch ein bisschen, momentan standen andere Dinge im Vordergrund und neben der Arbeit bleibt leider wenig Zeit unter der Woche. Viele Grüße, Annett

  3. I’ve been worrying about my blocks getting to you too Annett, although Kate assured me mail can take a while to reach Europe, although I don’t remember Esther’s taking this long. Because I sent it as a letter and not registered, I can’t track it. I will make 3 more to send, and get them away as soon as I can. Your shaggy quilt is lovely, you did well cutting the seams with ordinary scissors, well done.

    1. Hello Nanette, … yes I am still waiting for your blocks. But don’t worry – it takes unusually long but perhaps it will arrive later. I will wait a bit longer, that doesn’t matter. The blocks I sent to Sue last month took nearly 4 weeks and the envelope was in a bad condition when it arrived. But please don’t feel obliged to sew extra blocks. Imagine that our blocks travel around the world. And although the postal service is mostly reliable it can happen that something goes lost…. it is a bit risk in it and until now we all had luck. Meanwhile I saw the lovely blocks you made for me on your blog (… and you made an extra one!). Please don’t feel that you are expected to sew extra ones for me. I got additional blocks from Kate and Avis and can make one more by myself if there is a need to. Thank you so much for thinking about extra work (and expensive postage), Annett

  4. Thanks for linking up to Building Blocks Tuesday! I especially like your Red, white and Blue blocks, but your wacky webs are lovely too!

  5. Your scrappy rag quilt is fantastic! What size squares did you use? I recently made one too..but it’s a mini compared to yours! I found you on Let’s Bee Social. Bee social and visit my blog if you are so inclined. =)

  6. I love rag quilts – they have a really cozy feel to them. People often advise to put them in the dryer which will fluff those edges up even more but I don’t have one and daren’t ask my neighbour to use hers as she’ll never forgive me for depositing all that lint in her machine. Maybe I could use the commercial machine in the laundry in town……

    1. I don’t have a dryer either. But it is really a good idea to use a commercial machine (I never did before)… on the other hand meanwhile I washed it three times (in the first 2 weeks) … because of my cat who let some “vomit traces” on it … in this way I suppose it will be extremely fluffy sooner or later…

  7. I really like the look of the rag quilt (and the relative ease in making it)! Thanks for the tip about containing those threads while it’s in the wash!

  8. I hope you find at least a *little* sewing time! I love my blocks, as you know. The cushion must be comfortable or the cat wouldn’t be on it! Cute and great idea. I love your wedge blocks. Those are great! I’ll have to look for a tool like that here. Best of all, I like your scrappy trip block!

  9. Goodness, you have been busy! I hope your scissors hand is not too sore… I use one of those zippered net bags designed for washing socks or underwear for that sort of thing; there’s no open end so it really helps to keep the mess out of the washing machine. Trouble is, it leaves the loose threads all over the quilt, so I have to go over it with a lint roller afterwards! Thanks for the link to the pouf tutorial, it looks good and very easy, so I might have to make one of those some time.

    1. There were lots of threads in my washing machine – although I put the quilt in a zippered pillow case. I shaked the rest out of the quilt when it has been dried (I did it on our attic where I dry my laundry so it was easy to sweep it up). The pouf went very fast – appr. 2 hours and it was done. It is appr. 12″ high with a 18″ diameter.

      1. Just what I need to put my feet on after a long day in the kitchen! I have some very nice curtain fabric which will be hard wearing enough for this project.

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