My last F2F blockswap blocks arrived!!!

screen-shot-2015-03-02-at-7-13-18-amI was Mrs. July in the F2F blockswap I’m participating what means that I was the lucky one 33 12-inch-blocks were made for by the other participants. It was so exciting when all the 12″ blocks in my chosen colours (green/orange/turquoise with whit background) arrived one after another. When the month was over I was still waiting for some blocks from Australia. After I gave up all hope and really thought they were lost… after a 64 day voyage from Australia I yesterday received my last F2F blocks!

And so I am able now to show you all blocks together … including my own three blocks and some extra I received. I decided to make one big quilt from all the blocks – for that I have to make three more blocks. The quilt will have the right size to cover my bed then and will measure appr. 72 x 84″ (180 x 210 cm). I like the idea to know from every single block where it comes from and who it made expecially for me 🙂 Thank you all for the wonderfull blocks!!!! Because I have no idea concerning the final layout the blocks where shown randomly… every time the site load again you see the blocks in another order… perhaps that is a help for me to decide how I could finally arrange them?



Wie ich schon früher in einigen Beiträgen erwähnt habe, nehme ich an einem Blockswap – also einem Blockaustausch – teil. Der Blockswap heißt F2F blockswap – das F2F steht für “foot square freestyle”: das heißt es werden Quiltblöcke ausgetauscht, die einen Fuß (12 inch = 30 cm) im Quadrat groß sind; es gibt aber kein fest gelegtes Muster. Jeder Teilnehmer hat sich für ein Farbschema entschieden (meins ist: türkis/grün/orange mit weißem Hintergrund). Der Swap geht über 12 Monate und hat 12 Teilnehmerinnen – jeden Monat steht eine von uns im Mittelpunkt. Mein Monat war der Juli – in diesem Monat haben alle anderen Teilnehmerinnen für mich jeweils 3 Blöcke genäht. Manche nähten sogar vier. Zusammen mit meinen eigenen 3 Blöcken habe ich jetzt insgesamt 39 Blöcke… ich werde also noch 3 Stück nähen und alle Blöcke zu einem 180 x 210 großen Quilt zusammenfügen. Auf die letzten Blöcke aus Australen habe ich lange gewartet… aber nach insgesamt 64 Tagen, kamen sie gestern doch noch an. Auf jeden Fall mag ich die Vorstellung, mir den Quilt anzuschauen – wenn er denn mal fertig ist – und genau zu wissen, woher aus der Welt die einzelnen Blöcke kamen und wer sie für mich genäht hat. Wer mehr über den F2F swap wissen möchte und auch die Blöcke der anderen Teilnehmerinnen sehen will, der findet alle Infos (auf Englisch) auf Kates blog.




  1. I really like how all the blocks look put together like this. It is a bit of a gamble when you create a set of blocks for a quilt via a blockswap but it looks like you got lucky and will end up with something cohesive. I can’t wait to see what everyone will make in my month!
    And 64 days… Who knows where those blocks have been all that time!

    1. Hello Wanda, I really feel honoured – especially because the award comes from you – and believe me I deeply thought about it. I were asked several times during the last year to take that award and always refused to accept it. I don’t want to seem rude but I absolutely don’t like the commitments connected with these awards – that you have to answer these arbitrary questions, the high number of award winners you have to nominate and giving away something to others which is connected with all these obligations. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity… but I prefer not to…

  2. How exciting. It’s going to be a gorgeous quilt but I don’t know how you will decide on the layout. Many happy hours spent laying all the blocks out in different places until you’re happy I suppose! Have fun.

  3. How exciting! I’m so glad the final batch did come, and wasn’t lost. What a trip it made! What’s funny is I had trouble picking out my three! Two I found, but I had to really search for the third one. =)

  4. For me, if they were my blocks, I’d immediately decide to put Avis’ New York Beauties in a square in the middle – but then, I love symmetry! You have such a lot of wonderful choices, and such very different things going on. I really look forward to seeing what you decide, and how it eventually turns out. Hopefully those last blocks will be the last drama we have with F2F!

    1. I’m playing with some ideas especially for Avis’s blocks. Placing it in the middle Gould be one way I thought about, but it Gould nice too placing Thema in the corners… Uncountable possibilities!

  5. The last set was worth waiting for – what a great selection of blocks! Have fun playing with them to decide how you want to set them. 🙂

  6. What a wonderful assortment of blocks! You are going to have a really special quilt for your bed, and so exciting to know that the blocks came from all over the world.

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