ScrapHappy October

It is the 15th of the month and I decided to join ScrapHappy hosted by Kate and Gun. ScrapHappy is open every month to any one using up scraps… and that is what I want to do! For this month I’d like to present you my scrappy WIPs.

When I started sewing one and a half year ago I would never have guessed how many scraps you collect over the time. At the beginning I had a very small scrap box and used my scraps to sew small scrappy things… not knowing that there is a point you can’t  use up all the scraps to sew small cute stuff:

That’s why in June I decided  to join crazymomquilts’s scrap vortex sew along. And so I sorted my scraps and scraps from two moda scrapbags which I got as a present and started to connect them to pairs…


… connected the pairs to pairs of pairs…


… to make blocks out of it…


… but with the start of F2F block swap there were new scraps… the scraps in the picture above are all from Esther’s and my F2F blocks. And some of the scraps were too small to put it into the stash but too big for the scrapvortex I thought…

A while ago I bought the Mini Periwinkle Template from MSQC (there is also a video tutorial at youtube) and so I decided to take big enough scraps for a wacky web quilt… I sorted the scraps again and started to sew the first blocks…


And as if that was not enough I saw the granny square blocks at wombatquilts … and it was love at the first sight! I knew I had to make these… and so I decided to make them not big but very small… a perfect scrap project. And so I sorted the scraps again… all big enough for a scrappy wacky web quilt  … all too small for that but at least 1.5″ squareables for the scrappy mini granny squares …. all the rest for the scrap vortex. As you can see I have now three scrap WIPs.

At the moment the granny square blocks are my favourites … there is a wonderful tutorial for these blocks at blueelephantstitches if you are interested. I just changed the size to 1.5″ squares – the finished blocks are 4.5″ then.

First I cut lots of scraps into 1.5″ squares and looked of which scraps I have only 1 piece (for the centre square), 4 pieces (for the inner ring) or 8 pieces (for the outer ring). The next step was combining the colours…

For the background I take white fabrics – solid white as well as printed, I have lots of different white scraps. The best way to sew the blocks is sewing several at once using the chainpiecing method.


First I lay out the blocks I want to sew.


I add the backround fabrics I need to join the rows (columns)

I added the backround fabrics for the rows/columns I need to join.



chainpiecing all of the blocks

All pieces are sewn together.

All pieces are sewn together.

The last step is squaring the block up to 4.5".

The last step is squaring the block up to 4.5″.

And here are the blocks I finished so far:

There are small sqares for another 155 blocks to go… I will show you my progress next month (perhaps I get another six finished?).


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  1. Oh, my goodness, Annett! You are doing such lovely scrappy things – all of them! It’s amazing how those scraps keep multiplying no matter how many you use, isn’t it? =)

  2. O Gott, diese Geduld! Der rote Stoff mit den weißen Punkten und hüpfenden Hunden ist ja putzig!
    Auf das Zusammenstellen der Stoffe hätte ich auch große Lust, aber das präzise Ausschneiden und Nähen – da bin ich sehr froh, dass Du das tust und ich Dir hier ein bisschen über die Schulter schauen und das Ergebnis bestaunen darf. 😉

    Liebe Grüße

  3. Ooooh! those granny blocks are gorgeous. Isn’t it amazing how the fabric colour placement makes them all look so different? It’s good to work with tiny blocks again after the larger F2F ones.

  4. Annett, you are soooo well organized, love the box with all the square scraps. Looking forward to see more. The granny blocks look great – when I imagine the tiny size of the them!! Barbora

  5. I never realized the similarity between crocheted granny squares and pieced album blocks but they are essentially the same thing! It’s comforting to me to know you’ve had to sort and resort your scraps. I’ve been through that process more times than I like the think about. I still don’t have it down to a science though. I appreciate the reminder that we can have more than one scrappy work in progress. 🙂

  6. I have discovered, to my extreme consternation, that making one quilt rapidly turns into many more – just so you can use up the scraps! I’m sure they multiply when my back is turned.

  7. These are all beautiful. I do admire all you ‘Scrap Happiers’ (??) for turning out such lovely blocks from teeny tiny pieces that others might put in the bin – not me of course 😉

  8. Love, love, love all your scrappy work! The wacky webs and granny squares are my favourites. I decided early that I was going to make all my scrappy blocks the same size, no matter what the design. That way, I could join them all easily and perhaps make a beautiful scrappy sampler. Of course, I then got caught up with the postage stamp idea, and now they are all squares. But it works for me! I’m so glad you decided to join us, the variety keeps things interesting!

    1. Thank you Kate! After sewing Lynn’s F2F blocks I have a lot of strips over… would be perfect for a scrappy log cabin… perhaps later, for now I hoard them!:D

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