Scrap Happy December

Four weeks since my last post… and I really didn’t sew much. But I have a nice little project to share for the monthly Scrap Happy post: I made some cute scrappy Santas!

Santas = Babbo Natale


The pattern is based on a log cabin quiltblock which I made from SCRAPS! I started with a 2.5″ center piece and added all the strips around.

block for the Santa front

block for the Santa front

The second step is to add the red piece for the Santa’s hat. I did that like I make HST out of squares – put a red square in the same size like the log cabin block on the log cabin block, mark the diagonal line and sew 1/4 ” of both sides from the line, cut on the marked diagonal line. What you’ll get are two blocks like these:

from one log cabin block you will get two Santas

from one log cabin block you will get two Santas

I added the eyes with a small zig-zag-stich using a very small stitch length.

After that you have only to add a red back side and stich the back sides together along the hats. If wanted you can add some embellishments at the edge of the hat and a ribbon at the top.

I found the tutorial on an Italian blog – it is in Italian but there are a lot of step-by-step-pictures… I did it without understanding Italian too 🙂 : I added one strip less than the tutorial claims and my Santa is 7.5″ tall.

One of the Santas I sent to  Avis with her F2F blocks – as she told me it is sitting at the top of her Christmas tree… mine is still sitting on my old treadler table on top of a bottle  waiting for a final usage… maybe as gift, Christmas ornament, gift tag, Christmas eve keyhole protector …

Santa waiting

It seems that I am the first one this month with my ScrapHappy post… so I’ll link here to the other participants supposed to publish a ScrapHappy post later:

Gun at (in Swedish and English)

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  1. Love the scrappy Santa. I think I have to make a few over the weekend. Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great Christmas and all the best for 2016, Barbora

  2. Oh my gosh! I’m IN LOVE with this idea!!!! Thank you for sharing it under our Tuesday Archives Christmas theme. I bookmarked your page and definitely plan to make some of these. THANKS for the inspiration. V:)

    1. Thank you Mary Anne! The size is really easy to change with the width and number of strips… I will try to make a very small one (perhaps for egg cosies for the Christmas breakfast)

  3. Super-cute Santas! What a fun scrappy project for this month. I don’t know if everyone on your list is posting something scrappy this month, I’m waiting to hear, but it won’t hurt them to have a link to their blogs anyway!

  4. He is a truly wonderful Santa and he’s sitting right at the top of our Christmas tree. Thank you so much for the lovely surprise and the great photos of how you made him too 🙂 Avis x

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