I will be back soon…

At the moment I stay in Bad Camberg for a medical rehab until the end of July. It is a lovely mediaval small town


I already discovered a local quiltshop, it’s lovely isn’t it?


I took some stuff for sewing, quilting and spinning with me… but the days are overloaded with sports, gym, swimming, massage, aquajogging, relaxing exercises …

I’m knitting socks at the moment out of my self dyed yarn. I dyed the wool with my balcony harvested dyer’s knotweed.


I have a wonderful room here … a room with a view.





  1. Na, dann viel Glück mit der Reha, hoffentlich können wir in der Zukunft mehr von Dir und deinen Projekten lesen !
    Bad Camberg ist eine wunderschöne Ecke von Deutschland, habe Verwandtschaft in Selters.

  2. Wow! Who could fail to recuperate in such lovely surroundings? I love the way the sock is looking in that pretty blue yarn and the timetable for your rehabilitation sounds like an advertisement for an expensive health club 🙂
    Bon courage! x

    1. Merci beaucoup!!! In general you are right… but the therapy because of the burnout and depressions are not a pleasure… more weeping hours 🙂 But I’m sure I will get through this.

      1. It is a beautiful place. I’m sorry you’re struggling with depression and hope the therapies will help you through to a more pleasant daily life. My heart goes out to you.

        Your self-died yarn is gorgeous. That’s a lovely pair of socks underway as well. What perfect stitches.

  3. It looks like a lovely town I would like to visit, and your view is wonderful. That alone is good therapy. I LOVE the sock yarn color. I don’t know what knotweed is, but it really makes a pretty blue dye.

    1. Yes, it is really wonderful here. Dyer’s knotweed is one of the few plants you can use to dye wool with blue in a natural way (like indigo)

  4. If you have to do medical rehab, a room with a view and a pretty place to be is very important! That quilt shop looks very interesting, I hope you’ll have time to investigate it before you go home. Very pretty blue yarn too, I like the colour variation, it makes the socks much more interesting than a plain colour.
    Today I have to sew and do rehab – I’ll be aqua-walking, not jogging, but I’ll think of you as I do it!

    1. Thank you Kate. My whole day is hopping between sports (gym, nordic walking, swimming, aqua-gymnastic and aqua-jogging… and relaxing with hydrojet massage, progressive muscle relaxation, dream-journeys, respiration therapy, art-therapy. And beside that you can book spare time offers. Today evening I will do silk painting, Thursday evening Qi Gong, Saturday 3 hours Chinese Calligraphy. I’m really fine here.

      1. Please can I come too? It sounds marvellous! Currently all my rehab is housework (walking: round the supermarket; bending and stretching: the washing machine and dishwasher – well, you get the idea)… I sure could use a little relaxation and massage 🙂

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