It is already the beginning of November… and I’m still a lazy blogger. I have not much motivation to write at the moment – but I’m sure I need some changes. As you can see I changed my header picture (it is self spun yarn now) and the that’s-me-pic… the new one was made last Saturday at a needleword exhibition in Osnabrück, Germany. There was a crazy hat exhibition and for a small fee you could have a shooting with your favourite hat. I really like the picture – that’s me (in a way I can’t explain).

My daughter turned 18 in September… so I have two adult kids now.

Last time I was busy with knitting, earlier this year, while I was off from work I spun a lot. After a few month I unwrapped my sewing machine now to sew a lovely little pouch – it is called “Good-Mood-Pouch” (that is exactly what I need 🙂 ) and I bought a sewing kit for it at StoffWerkTaunus – it is a German Patchworkshop and I’m sorry that the site is in German only.


Another piece I’m just finishing – only the binding to add – is a small autumnal tablerunner for my kitchen table. I used some Kaffe Fasset fabric (yardage and mini charms) and Tim Holtz fabrics for the background:

At the end I decided to shape the tablerunner in a rectangle way

At the end I decided to shape the tablerunner in a rectangle way

img_20161028_102330I was shocked when I was diagnosed with rheumatic arthritis a while ago – I really was afraid I would no longer be able to knit and use my hands in the way I used to. But meanwhile with a good medication I’m really well, I’m back at work since two month after I was 7 month off…  At the moment I knit a lot, I entered a yoga course, I started mindful eating and try to do more sports. However – I’m back to crafting!


Last week I made this very simple felted acorns – small felted balls glued into  real acorn hats.  I really love how it turned out and I think I will use it not only for decoration but as a small giveaway or gift tags too.


I entered a lovely women’s project: The Sisterhood of the travelling Sketchbook – initiated by my friend Kate @talltalesfromchiconia and Anne @annelawson.

I borrow some of Kate’s words to describe the project: We are a varied and global group who will be passing the Travelling Sketchbook between ourselves, around the world (from Australia to America to Europe). Anne has created a small hand-bound volume of slightly different sizes, colours and weights of paper, with an emblematic ‘flying garlic’ bulb on the front cover. Into this, we shall each add our creative contribution, whether it be drawn, sewn, written, collaged or photographed. The Sketchbook will travel from Sister to Sister, growing in wisdom and beauty as it travels. Finally, after many exciting adventures around the world, it will come home to Anne, who saw it born and will now see it in all its glory. One of the participants has created a blog especially for this project, and you really should go over there and take a look; it gives a whole different perspective on the Sketchbook and the contributions. In addition you will find a map there… I can hardly wait and I’m really looking forward to holding it in my hands… At the moment the sketchbook  is at the last participant in the US before it will jump over the ocean to Europe. I suppose I’ll get it at the beginning of the new year.

As you see all in all I’m fine – back at work, busy crafting. But often I think I need a change with this blog… sometimes I’m in doubt if I should continue blogging in general. Sometimes I’m so tired to blog in English because it is much more time consuming than blogging in German for me. On the other hand I know most of my followers can’t read my blog in German … and some Germans can’t follow it in English… Perhaps it is a practicable way to blog less often but periodically once a month to give a summary… I don’t know  –  what do you thing?





  1. I love reading your blog in English . . . but I totally understand the time/exhaustion part! Your crafts are beautiful and o fun to keep up with that I would stop by just for the photos 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Melissa for encouraging me…. As you can see I didn’t make a decision so far… meanwhile I switched totally back to fibrecrafts (because it goes better together with my rheumatic disease at the moment)… and then there is Instagram… as you know IG is faster, easier to make… for me it means much less text to write. … and my experience is that it is a complete different community there. I got in contact with much oeople via IG, met several of them so far – but they all are no vlog readers. I don’t know… I’ll see.

  2. Oh, das entdecke ich aber spät – wie schön, dass Du wieder da bist! Rheuma, pfui Teufel, das tut mir leid, das ist ja wirklich nichts, was man gebrauchen kann, wenn man viel mit den Händen arbeitet. Aber das klingt nach superguten Fortschritten.

    Zum Bloggen: Ich denke, da solltest Du vor allem danach gehen, was Dir selbst gut tut – es sollte Freude für Dich sein, nicht fast nur Pflicht. Wegen der Sprache würde ich eventuell überlegen, auf Deutsch zu schreiben und deutlich kürzere Einschübe/Zusammenfassungen auf Englisch zu machen – ich weiß nicht, ob das für Dich ein denkbarer Ansatz ist? Einmal im Monat, also selten, dafür regelmäßig, klingt auch nach einer Idee, die gut ist, wenn sie für Dich gut funktioniert.

    Deine Tochter und Du, ihr habt einen ungeheuer ähnlichen Blick, jedenfalls auf den Bildern. Als ob ihr ausgesprochen liebenswürdig und gut gelaunt, aber nachdrücklich aus dem Weg schiebt, was ihn euch versperrt.

    Viele Grüße!

  3. Hi Annett, good to hear that you are feeling better every day. Since five years joga is a part of my life and its was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The table runner looks superb! Thanks for sharing the Sketchbook project, I got it on my reader .

  4. Blogging in two languages must be difficult, and I understand how, when you are tired, it seems like a chore. I enjoy reading your posts, and you will find your own rhythm of writing. One of the things I love about blogging is that there is no pressure, no deadlines. We write and share at a pace that suits us, and no one else.

  5. I enjoy your blog. There are translation sites which make it understandable, if you write in one language or the other – not perfect, but understandable, so I think you should write in the language you find most comfortable. I’m going to check out this sketchbook idea. Sounds like fun! I love the fall tablerunner you made. That is a terrific center leaf, and I love the fabrics you used in all the lovely leaves. The acorns are the cutest little things! Most of all, I’m SO glad your hands are back to crafting! I know how sad I would be if I couldn’t do the things I love.

  6. Hi Annett, it’s lovely to see you back in blogworld. I too, have been away a for while and have posted hardly anything for months. However, I recently found time to read some blogs again and was inspired to pick up some old WIPs to finish. I always love to see what you’ve been making and I really appreciate your blog being written in English. However, even if your blog was in German, I’d be happy to follow your crafting story from the photos alone 🙂

  7. Lovely to hear from you Annett – I love the picture of you in that crazy hat, you still look pretty and your ‘adult kids’ are gorgeous too.
    I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis but a very good friend of mine has had rheumatoid arthritis for years – she is on lots of meds to manage it – but she is still very active and still sews her own clothes and drives all over Europe on her own – and she is 71 now!
    I think if your blog has become a chore you shouldn’t force yourself to write. Keep the blog and just write when you feel like it – or have something to say. No point adding unnecessary stress to your life.
    Love those little acorns by the way.

  8. Keep blogging, don’t stop. I love your hat with that far away smile with those eyes of power.
    I’m going to tell all of my friend to stop by your blog to keep you going!
    Keep that smile and make every day your day. 🙂

  9. What charming little acorns. They’re delightful. I’m sorry to hear about the arthritis, but happy to know that the medication is working and that you can continue to do what you love. Yoga and mindfulness are wonderful too.

    Thanks for this nice update. Alys

  10. Hi Annett – good to see you blogging! Glad that, despite your diagnosis, you are able to knit and be creative. I have arthritis in my hands and I find that keeping them active seems to be the best thing.

  11. I really enjoy reading your blog. Do what is right for you–blogging just when you feel like it. I’m glad your medicine allows you to continue to knit and craft.

  12. I have missed your posts very much and am so glad you’re back, and being creative again. If I was being selfish, I’d say post more often, but I don’t think that’s right for you. I think a monthly update is a very good idea; you will have lots to show, and time to think about what you are writing – and you could even do it in both languages, there are plenty of dual-language blogs out there which work very successfully.
    Whatever you decide to do, I’m very happy you’re back, and I love the work you’ve shown. I always enjoy your colour choices, and the fabrics in that table runner are just beautiful!

  13. I enjoy your blog. I read it in English, but if you are asking opinions, I think you should do what feels right for you! I would still “read” your blog if it was in German only and use a translation site when necessary.

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