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It is already the beginning of November… and I’m still a lazy blogger. I have not much motivation to write at the moment – but I’m sure I need some changes. As you can see I changed my header picture (it is self spun yarn now) and the that’s-me-pic… the new one was made last Saturday at a needleword exhibition in Osnabr√ľck, Germany. There was a crazy hat exhibition and for a small fee you could have a shooting with your favourite hat. I really like the picture – that’s me (in a way I can’t explain).

My daughter turned 18 in September… so I have two adult kids now.

Last time I was busy with knitting, earlier this year, while I was off from work I spun a lot. After a few month I unwrapped my sewing machine now to sew a lovely little pouch – it is called “Good-Mood-Pouch” (that is exactly what I need ūüôā ) and I bought a sewing kit for it at StoffWerkTaunus – it is a German Patchworkshop and I’m sorry that the site is in German only.


Another piece I’m just finishing – only the binding to add – is a small autumnal tablerunner for my kitchen table. I used some Kaffe Fasset fabric (yardage and mini charms) and Tim Holtz fabrics for the background:

At the end I decided to shape the tablerunner in a rectangle way

At the end I decided to shape the tablerunner in a rectangle way

img_20161028_102330I was shocked when I was diagnosed with rheumatic arthritis a while ago – I really was afraid I would no longer be able to knit and use my hands in the way I used to. But meanwhile with a good medication I’m really well, I’m back at work since two month after I was 7 month off…¬† At the moment I knit a lot, I entered a yoga course, I started mindful eating and try to do more sports. However – I’m back to crafting!


Last week I made this very simple felted acorns Рsmall felted balls glued into  real acorn hats.  I really love how it turned out and I think I will use it not only for decoration but as a small giveaway or gift tags too.


I entered a lovely women’s project: The Sisterhood of the travelling Sketchbook – initiated by my friend Kate @talltalesfromchiconia and Anne @annelawson.

I borrow some of Kate’s words to describe the project: We are a varied and global group who will be passing the Travelling Sketchbook between ourselves, around the world (from Australia to America to Europe). Anne has created a small hand-bound volume of slightly different sizes, colours and weights of paper, with an emblematic ‚Äėflying garlic‚Äô bulb on the front cover. Into this, we shall each add our creative contribution, whether it be drawn, sewn, written, collaged or photographed. The Sketchbook will travel from Sister to Sister, growing in wisdom and beauty as it travels. Finally, after many exciting adventures around the world, it will come home to Anne, who saw it born and will now see it in all its glory. One of the participants has created a blog especially for this project, and you really should go over there and take a look; it gives a whole different perspective on the Sketchbook and the contributions. In addition you will find a map there… I can hardly wait and I’m really looking forward to holding it in my hands… At the moment the sketchbook¬† is at the last participant in the US before it will jump over the ocean to Europe. I suppose I’ll get it at the beginning of the new year.

As you see all in all I’m fine – back at work, busy crafting. But often I think I need a change with this blog… sometimes I’m in doubt if I should continue blogging in general. Sometimes I’m so tired to blog in English because it is much more time consuming than blogging in German for me. On the other hand I know most of my followers can’t read my blog in German … and some Germans can’t follow it in English… Perhaps it is a practicable way to blog less often but periodically once a month to give a summary… I don’t know¬† –¬† what do you thing?



Looking back on June…

Almost July!!! I was very lazy (with blogging)… so I not only have to look back on June but also on the end of May! In May I celebrated my birthday and as you can see I was blessed with fabrics and a special gift for the beginning of the F2F blockswap… a 12,5″ruler and a ruler grapper:

screen-shot-2015-03-02-at-7-13-18-amI used the ruler for my first blocks I made for the F2F block swap. The F2F – that means “Foot in a square Freestyle” – was an idea of Kate @talltalesfromchiconia and Sue @sewingmagpie. There are 12 participants – in every of the coming 12 months one of us is the “Queen of the month”. Everyone sew three blocks every month for the “Month-Queen”. The blocks have to be 12.5″, the design will be chosen by the one who sew it – the colour scheme is the choice of every participant. So during the coming year every participant will receive 33 blocks from the other participants and make 3 of her own. The first blocks I sewed for Esther from ipatchandquilt who was “Miss June”. fabrics and design board for Esther's blocksI loved Esther’s colour choice: coral, mustard, jadeite/minty bluish green on a white/cream or light grey background… It was really hard to decide… the last few month I was looking for block

designs, sketched lots of designs in my sketchbook, made a designbord…

At the end I made these 3 blocks:

If you want to see all the wonderful blocks Esther received visit Kate’s¬† F2F block swap gallery.

Now we have almost July… and Miss July is ME!!! So I am very excited and curious waiting what the others will sew & send to me. My colour scheme is orange/green/turquoise on a white background – like these Easter eggs … and the first block I sewed for myself. I always wanted to sew curves – now I tried and designed a kind of curved herringbone:

Beside the F2F blocks I entered the Amanda Jean’s SCRAPVORTEXQAL @crazymomquilts. I have a lot of scraps so I am glad to work them up.

I am a little bit behind now but it is real fun to see the blocks grow.

Last weekend I attended a longarm-quilting-workshop at my favourit local quiltshop… it was really fantastic! And the best thing is: now I am allowed to quilt my own quilts on the machine! Some participants wouldn’t repeat that experience – but for sure, I will!

So I see… I suppose I should write my blog posts more often… because there is more about May and June…

And I tried the tasty variation of the Cinnamon butter flower – you find the recipe here. The tasty variation is filled with red and green pesto and really delicious!

I tried the tasty variation of the cinnamon butter flower with red and green pesto

I tried the tasty variation of the cinnamon butter flower with red and green pesto. If you would like to make it – here is the recipe:

April is over and brought spring…

Beside enjoying the arrival of spring…


… I was busy working on the birthday quilt which I’ll give away to a family member’s birthday when I visit Berlin in the middle of May… I hope you understand that I can’t show the whole quilt yet (I’ll show it after the party).

Oh… and in April I produced a lovely UFO – but I’ll continue to work on it (eventually).

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Short review on March… and a small twister tool finish

March is already over and I have to admit that from my point of view I was a bit lazy… but I enjoyed it :-).

Here is a short pictural review:

hexie travel kit

hexie travel kit – made with a tutorial by Haley at thezenofmaking


At 9th March I celebrated m 1st blogiversary – therefor I made myself a hexie travel kit. And I had a giveway … two giveaways … they are on their way to the lucky winners now.




another Dear Jane block

B01 Рreverse appliqué


After all I’ve done at least one block for my Dear Jane… It is block B01 – I tried reverse appliqu√© the first time and like it.

After Janette at thegreendragonfly ¬†published a post about crochet dishcloth I had to make some of my own. Crocheted dishcloth are not common here (there’s hardly anything about it in the www in German) but I like the idea of using my leftover yarn for such useful things.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAscreen-shot-2015-03-02-at-7-13-18-amI joined the F2F block swap party, hosted by Kate @¬†talltalesfromchiconia¬†and Sue @ sewingmagpie – it will start in May 2015… first we’ve chosen our colours – I was the whole time busy with thinking about colours (and with improving my colour vocabulary – there are lots of colour names I never heard before… and I’m not able to see the differences… e.g. special tones/shades of aqua/turquoise/teal)… so all my thoughts revolve around colours… and few days ago I saw these really cool woodless pencils and had to buy them – a useful tool to design the blocks I’m going to sew for the other participants. You can find out more about the F2F block swap via the button in my sidebar or the links to the hosts.

Now around Easter I’m having a few days off… and so I started the week to give more space to my sewing table.

 sewing tableUsually my table stands at the wall like a small sideboard and I only flap one side. And of course my quilting assistand is around me the whole time (she loves the ironing board Рespecially if it is still warm from ironing).
Last week I got an ordered delivery from my most beloved local quilt shop my local quiltshopРit is always difficult to order material in US or elsewhere outside of Germany  because of the high postage and import taxes, so I am really glad to have a shop nearby (just about an hour from us) which offers a lot of international products Рtemplates, mesurement tools, fabrics. They also have a longarm quilting machine/frame there РI subscribed for a workshop in June: after taking the workshop you are allowed to rent the machine to quilt your quilts on it!
I ordered the “Lil Twister Quilt Template” there and got it last week… so after I got it I had to try it …
I made a protect mat for our piano-stool. I didn’t try only that tool – I tried another kind of binding too: the flanged binding. Lorna at sewfreshquilts published a helpful tutorial about. I love both… the little twister tool and what you’ can do with it (above all it went faster than expected)… and the flanged binding:






Febuary is already over… a pictural review

Beside receiving a lot of fabrics for my “Postcrossing meets Blog”-quilt I showed in a special post I did some other things too…

I tried to improve my embroidery-“vocabulary” a little bit:

I love Sue Spargo’s style and was inspired by her Craftsyclass.¬† And Mary Anne from magpie’s mumblings who meanwhile received my GYB-Party-giveaway shared with me some interesting embroidery links: Sharon B.’s stitch dictionary and Mary Corbet’s needleandthread with over 75 video tutorials… all in all I found my weekend playground ūüôā

I finished a small case for my handsewing material… out of left over batic charms

I started my daughter’s quilt and finished all 12 blocks… now I have to join them and I’m not sure if I could do it as usual (top+batting+backside) or in the quilt-as-you go-way… I’m still thinking about. Here is a first layout on my floor.

first layout

first layout

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November Review

Oh yes… November is already gone… here a short post scriptum. As I told in my November posts I finished my first big quilt and we have ha winner for my chicken-run-chicken now. But there were¬† some other things I did:


For a working mate’s grandchild I made a fabric balloon cover… that is a really cool thing for little children – the balloon inside is protected by the fabric cover but when it pops the fabric cover will damp the noise and keep all balloon pieces inside…. and it fits in any purse ūüôā – insert the balloon into the cover and blow it up when it is inside (and you can use one balloon several times).

I found the pattern on a German blog and so it is in German language, but there you can find an illustrated tutorial (self explanatory) and a pdf-template. It is for personal use only.


In November I joined a charity campaign of Innocent-Drink-Company… they ask every year for little knitted hats. For every bottle sold with a hat a donation is given for old people in need (in UK it is Age UK, in Germany it is the Red Cross). The campaign is going on in UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I designed five little woolly hats.

3. Christmas is near… Christmas Ornament

Avis published a Christmas ornament tutorial on her lovely ohsewtempting blog. I couldn’t resist and had immediately to try. You find her detailed tutorial here… I’ll write a long version for German readers. Thank you Avis for sharing this tutorial !

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October is gone … short pictural review

October is already over… time is running. Time for a short review:


Carrot Leaf ... the cute Kentucky-autumn-chicken we are now waiting for!

Carrot Leaf … the cute Kentucky-autumn-chicken we are now waiting for!

I’m still waiting for my Kentucky-Chicken “Carrot-Leaf”.¬† It didn’t arrive … it is on its way now for appr. 4 weeks… hope that nothing bad is happend to Carrot-Leaf… perhaps on its way it found a nice place to settle down???¬† I hope that the small cute chicken is all right… Nevertheless meanwhile a new chicken was sewed here …¬† I’ll wait until next Sunday to introduce to you the chickens you can win… but here you get a little foretaste:

Chenille chicken

Chenille chicken

This cute Chenille-Chicken is waiting for you!

2 All in all October was a very buzy month… I tried a lot of things in my autumn holidays, had a lot of work too. So I will show you now what I did with all the chestnuts I gathered up: I made a small chestnut filled satchel out of it – you can use that for massage of back, shoulders or neck – the satchel is used for carfully pressing or knocking.

The whole month I was buzy with trying a really cute crochet pattern: some crochet mice… I found the tutorial on thegreendragonfly blog… but be careful – it’s unstopable!

I tried chenille-technique 1st time:

In October I discovered¬† a beautiful knitting pattern – I found the link on a Canadian knitting blog:¬† Aster Flower Knitting Stitch¬† by Knitting Unlimited – seems to be difficult first, but it isn’t – after just a few rows it was possible to knit without the pattern. I have some wonderful baby alpaka wool my mother brought along last year from a trip to Peru … I think it will be a beautiful smooth shawl soon:

Beside all that I was kind of pouch-addicted… I tried different patterns and materials, with or without lining, small or bigger… cause I aimed to understand pouch-construction.

The pattern for the small pencil- or glassespouch with the endless zipper I found on a German blog (himbeerkamel). It is in German – but I hope with the step-by-step foto-tutorial it is self explanatory.


3. October was kind of shopaholic... ebay… dawanda… local fabric market … lots of precuts, fabric and other stuff are waiting now for use!



4. October was successful … I successfully passed a postgraduate professional education: “Coaching with creative techniques”.¬† Beside my full time job I started it last year in November … now I’m happy that I climbed that mountain!

successfully passed a postgraduate professional education: Coaching with creative techniques


Thank you for stopping by.

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03/10/2014 … September review

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have certainly no intentions boring you. So I will only show new September stuff in this post… apart from the most exciting in September: I am involved in the CHICKENRUN now!!! I won “Carrot-Leaf” a cute chicken pincusion. It comes all the way from Kentucky and I’m waiting for its arrival – then I will give away one of the chickens I’ll make.


small gear pouch I made also two small gear-pouches Рjust big enough for a few needles, rotary cutter blades, stitch ripper and something like that. It was a fast & easy making: I did it with quilt-as-you-go technique. So I used up some scraps again. To make it  use one rectangle piece for the lining and put it right side down Рput some batting on it and sew on some strippy scraps (good to use up binding scraps). The size depends on your choice Рconcerning the intended purpose.

If you sewed on enough strips, trim the long sides and put a binding on the short (or use the overlapping parts from lining fabric. Instead of binding you can of course sew in a zipper. Next step is to fold the short edges to the middle so that they are overlapping each other a little bit – lining is on the outside.

Sew it into a pouch-form now: Close both sides (green lines) and trim the corners so that you get a pouch form at the end (red circle). Turn to the right side now and if you didn’t use a zipper attach a push-button now.

Here are some more impressions:

Meanwhile autumn arrived … the chestnuts were falling down. On my balkony are some late sommer blossoms (nasturtium) and autumn blossoms (asters) blooming. Out of the chestnuts I picked up I planned to make something I will going to show you next month.

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August is long gone … short postscript

Most of our summer holidays we spent following the Roman’s footsteps in our area … there were a lot of sights, museums, monuments, castles to visit…


July is already over… a short review

… and there was not much time beside the daily life. My rare sparetime I spent lazy or reading because most days were very hot. But I did a little bit knitting, a little bit “balcony-harvesting”. And most exciting – I got a new sewingmachine and¬† tried it out a little bit; always surrounded by our curious two cats … there are so many new skills (compared with the old one)… it is nearly a kind of science to cope with it…

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