Postcrossing Quilt


In spite of the wonderful sunset on the photo my daughter made Summer is almost gone now. My daughter made the photo in our neighbor city Bochum – it is a view from an old former coal mining/slag heap. We have lots of that here – nowadays mostly transformed into recreation places. I love that picture – do you see the girl who is making a selfie with her mobile or maybe putting the hair in order… In opposite to that scene the whole weekend was rainy and almost autumnal.

Since one week I am back to work after my summer holidays – but I was very busy. I began with a new quilt and did some other things. I didn’t manage to write my “connect quiltblocks with the QAYG-technique”… it was so very easy to take the step-by-step pictures – but writing the matching text is much more difficult … so I’ll do that later!


Two weeks ago I was inspired by the weekly MSQC tutorial – that week it was a Dresden Squared Quilt. So I prompt started a new quilt – I’ve chosen another block size (12″) and another sashing colour – but I am already excited to see how it will look.

960 pieces

960 pieces…

... connected to 480 pairs...

… connected to 480 pairs…
I used some fat quarters from Amy Butler and Tula Pink.

Okay… I suppose you know the next steps… pairs to double pairs, double pairs to…

24 big circles... appr. 20" in diameter

24 big circles… appr. 20″ in diameter

Time for a first layout test…

First layout test on the floor (with electric light... sorry)

First layout test on the floor (with electric light… sorry)

Now the very painful next step was waiting for me… squaring up all the circles…

squaring up the circles to 12,5" squares

squaring up the circles to 12,5″ squares

When I saw the leftovers I suddenly had the idea to connect to pieces a time to big orange peels or leaves … ok that is something for another quilt… isn’t that cool???

orangepeels or big leaves ... appr. 14" each!

leftovers turned in orangepeels or big leaves … appr. 14″ each!

The next step was to add all the center pieces. I have machine sewn the center with a small blanket stich. Therefor  I’ve used the same technique as with the orange peel pillow – sewn together the fabric with a thin sticky interfacing, right side to sticky side, cut a slit in the interfacing, turn inside out and iron in place before appliquéing with a small blanketstitch.

appliqué the center with a small blanket stitch

stitching down the center with a small blanket stitch

Meanwhile I basted all the squares and started quilting the squares to connect them afterwards with black sashing.


give-a-pink-shirtMy blogging friend Wanda  started a project with her local quilt guild: They are making Pink Shirt blocks for a raffle to benefits Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation. On her blog she asked for help – making a Pink Shirt using Carolyn Friedlander’s Shirts pattern… the pattern is only to buy, but I am in love with the pattern, since I saw it the first time month ago on Wanda’s blog… So it was a good opportunity to have a good reason for spending money…

I made two blocks to send it to the CVA MQG … and yes, I like to have taken part in the project and I love the pattern. All information about it you find at the website of the CVA MQG.

It is a bit time consuming  – but I can imagine making a quilt for a little girl using the shirt block as center of an economy block.



At Julie Hirt’s blog 627handworks I read about the Scrappy Trip Bee. What a

fascinating quiltpattern… and what an interesting way to sew the blocks … ok – at least I decided to participate (only five blocks until 15th October… that is achievable)….

After testing the pattern for a F2F-block I made another one today. I was to careful with the seam allowances that it turned out too big – it wasn’t possible to square it up with a 1/4″ final seam allowance. So I have to practise a bit and take this one as additional block for my F2F-quilt (in forsight I took fabrics which are in my F2F colour scheme).

Scrappy Trip Around the World quiltblock

Scrappy Trip Around the World quiltblock

I sketched a short tutorial in my sketchbook as a reminder how to construct the block… I have that personal designbook to collect all the patterns I love. The pattern is by Bonnie K. Hunter and for free available on her website: .

Scrappy trip around the world block

Scrappy trip around the world block










It is time to start with my second Postcrossing quilt… or better “Postcrossing meets Blog”-quilt.

35 people from 13 countries sent fabric so far. Apart from South America I got fabrics from every continent. Sue from sewingmagpie sent Guatemalian fabric from US – in this way also South America is represented.  Meanwhile I decided to make a very scrappy quilt. The topic of my first Postcrossing Quilt were postcards – the central theme of the second one is “STAMPS”… all the postcards I received, all the envelopes with fabrics had often beautiful stamps on it. So I plan to make a lot of “stamps” in different techniques… different kinds of appliqué, piecing, crazy quilting, some blocks with stiched embelleshing… I sketched some layout considerations in my sketchbook… different motifs, different sizes… connected with white sashing, quilted with a black zigzag line should look like stamps. But one thing is certain: it will be a long-term project. Doesn’t matter – winter evenings are long!

That was all for today. I wish you all a nice week!





Postcrossing Quilt II … Fabrics I received so far

As I promised I want to show you the wonderful fabrics I received so far. Every day I found an envelope in my mailbox is exciting and a little bit like birthday… ohhh – perhaps not like that –> I would grow old very fast 🙂

So far I got fabrics from US, The Netherlands, France, Finland, Australia, Germany and Indonesia. And often I found a surprice when I open up an evelope… often more than one fabric piece, a nice postcard, interesting information and so on. Here I will show you some special things too I got with the fabrics:

Sari from Finland – who caused the second quilt 😉 because I received her fabric when I only had to sew a bit of binding on the first quilt, so I decided to start another one – sent a lovely postcard with her fabric… It is a picture from the Old Ladies series by Finish artist Inge Löök. I love these pictures. There are so many nice postcards I received with the fabrics… look here:

Sometimes there are so lovely stamps on the envelopes… look here, these nice crafting motifs from France:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd often it is the fabric which touches mOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAy heart – look here, Barbara from US sent a piece of her bridal’s dress fabric:

Solène, a young student of Textile Design from France sent 10 fabricpieces – pinned an description on every single piece about its origin:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd look here, what Kati sent from Finland: a really huge piece of self dyed wonderful blue fabric.

And I yesterday already showed the cucase for hexieste little bag Kate from Australia added to put the fabric in:

Every envelope or parcel is a gift showing worldwide friendship… and I am really thankful for every single fabricpiece which was sent to me for the quilt. This time I hope to connect fabrics from all continents in one quilt… Africa and South America are missing now but as far as I know on their way.

Okay… then let’s have a look at the fabrics… I just have the idea to let wordpress make an improvised patchwork out of them… let’s see how it works… and: it should be a different combination every time you load the page 🙂

Here are some links to other projects I know about:

“Worldwide Friends Quilt” – Kate @ talltalesfromchiconia… an international EPP hexiequilt out of indigo fabrics including a Japanese rabbit legend and haikus…

Another Postcrossing Quilt Nadja @ Patch and Stitch is working on… first fabrics arrived…

Gillian @ africanaussie started collect fabrics for a Blog Hug Quilt… I sent her fabric but in didn’t arrived yet.

So thank you for stopping and I hope you enjoy a look on the fabrics like I do.

P.S. … Gillian asked what I do with all the postcards… on the wall behind my sewing table I have a special wallhanging – there (beside other things like photos, flyer for our local fabric market, concert tickets – for instance tickets from a wonderful concert of Nils Landgren I visited in December) I put some postcards in and replace them from time to time 🙂


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A Weekend Surprise from a Friend… and Dear Jane Sunday

Actually I wanted to write a post about alle the fabrics I received for the second Postcrossing Quilt… I didn’t managed it this weekend to take and edit photos of all the lovely post I got during the last weeks. But I don’t want to deprive you of what a surprise I got from a friend this weekend… I got a lovely parcel which really touched my heart sent to me by Kate from Australia – in addition to the lovely fabrics for my quilt she made a cute little case and on a beautiful selfmade hexiecard she especially for me wrote a sentence  in German…

THANK YOU SO MUCH KATE! Thank you for beeing altruistic like that and for beeing a friend across the miles. Kate is working on a special quilt at the moment … Worldwide Friends Quilt out of indigo fabrics from all over the world – it will be a hexagon quilt (EPP) and so I decided to use Kate’s cute case for my hexies 🙂

case for hexies

… and I promise to show in the course of the week the other beautiful fabrics I received so far.

… even though I had actually other plans I decided this Sunday to be a “Dear-Jane-Sunday” and made at least 4 blocks today (a 5th is just in work)… one piece after another 🙂 … and I struggled with my improvised design wall again – it don’t work as I want!


Eigentlich wollte ich dieses Wochende über die tollen Stoffe posten, die ich in den letzten Wochen für den nächsten Postcrossing Quilt aus aller Welt bekommen habe… das habe ich leider nicht geschafft, aber ein Brief, der mich sehr berührt hat, wollte ich heute nicht vorenthalten… Kate aus Australien, hat mir nicht nur wunderschöne Stoffe geschickt, sie hat extra eine Karte gebastelt (passend zu ihrem World Wide Friends Quilt aus Hexies aus aller Welt) und sogar etwas auf Deutsch geschrieben (… immerhin beklage ich mich auch häufig genug über mein schlechtes Englisch, das mir dazu auch noch viel Mühe bereitet 😉 ). Für die Tasche habe ich bereits eine Verwendung gefunden… wofür sonst, als für meine Hexies! Es ist schon sehr berührend, wenn so viele km oder Meilen entfernt jemand sich ganz uneigennützig Gedanken macht, so viel Freude in einen Brief zu packen. … und versprochen…  im Laufe der Woche folgt ein Beitrag über die ganzen tollen Stoffe, die auch noch angekommen sind.

Den heutigen Sonntag habe ich kurzer Hand zum Dear-Jane-Sonntag erklärt, um mal wieder etwas weiterzukommen… immerhin 4 Blöcke sind es geworden… ein fünfter ist gerade noch in Arbeit.



Does anyone remember why I started this blog… or has anyone ever read my “about”? If not: Originally I started this weblog because of another hobby of mine: exchanging postcards with people from all over the world with In my profile there I asked postcrossing members to send me fabricpieces to create a “postcrossing-quilt”. Meanwhile that quilt is a work in progress  and I started running this blog to show how the quilt starts and grows with every new fabric I received. Thank all postcrossers for their sent fabrics & being part of it!

When I started sewing the postcrossing quilt … I never did something like that before (but always wanted to 🙂 ) … first (totally unexperienced with piecing) I have chosen a handsewing pattern and started with cathedral windows …  it seems to be perfect for all the different kind of fabrics I received: very shiny and thin lucent fabrics beside strechy ones and very heavy upholstery fabrics… and not all fabrics are cotton.  And so (… I’m so sorry …) I cut the first fabrics in small pieces… but then I started the blog and was more buzy with blogging than with postcrossing. I learned a lot about piecing and quilting, got a new sewing machine, made my first baby quilt… my first big quilt… And so I decided to make another pattern, something which was closer to the postcrossing item: I’ve chosen a kind of “postcard-pattern” and put all small pieces in the outer border:

The image of the front shows the “postcard-pattern” – I cut fabrics in postcard size, some pieces are on this picture covered with all the received postcards. The quilt measures 43″x43″ (110×110 cm), and that’s what it looks like now:

It's done

For the quilt’s back I chose a fabric from “Eclectic Elements”, designed by Tim Holtz because in my view it was perfect for the post topic: “Correspondance”.

... our postman's bicycle

… our postman’s bicycle

When I came back today morning from my “photo session” in our park I met our postman… and so I told him about the postcrossing quilt and that it was he who delivered all these envelopes with fabric to me… He didn’t want to be photographed, he said, but with his bike I could do what I wanted – so I did. 🙂

All in all I received fabrics from 15 postcrossers from 11 countries. If you want to check out all the different fabrics you can do in my special posts about the fabrics I received. Here you’ll find the first pattern I tried too…

I just noticed, I didn’t show the last fabric piece I received from Michelle, NL: it was a tiny piece of a scarf.


last piece






I stiched all postcrosser’s names and countries where I received fabrics from in a border on the quilt top – thank you all for being a part of it:

When I see the pictures now… I have again to say: THANK YOU!!! I’m so thankful for all these fabric pieces and that you all joined in  the project.  And thank you all for your support for me – without you I would have never had the courage to blog (certainly not in English) – for me personally it was really a milestone!

That quilt is now an international web… fabrics from all that different countries interwoven – for me it is a sign of  cross border friendship and so important in times like ours.

Fabric one for another postcrossing quilt!

Sari from Finland sent fabric one for another postcrossing quilt!

Caused by a strange coincidence last week  I received another envelope with fabric – the quilt was already almost finished, just a rest of the binding I was left. First I thought about a kind of afterwards appliqué … but how could I add name & country then… And so I decided the fabric piece from Sari, Finland will be the first of another postcrossing quilt. I’ll collect fabrics from all over the world until the end of summer 2015 and start sewing in autum… perhaps a scrappy one … or some appliqué?


New fabric for the postcrossing quilt…

… a new fabric for the – since april waiting – postcrossing quilt arrived. It was sent to me by Ann from UK. With the fabric received Ann’s nice handicraft-postcard.

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27/04/2014 Postcrossing Quilt

Now I sewed in all kinds of fabrics I received… and are waiting now for some more, cause I want the cathedral-window-part bigger to represent all involved fabrics. It has now 12×18”. Around it I want to make a frame which should represent all countries and postcrosser’s names who sent me fabrics. I think it will take much more time …

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30/03/2014 Step By Step & Piece By Piece

Step by step, one piece after another… so it grows with every piece… and it will take its time…

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