October is gone … short pictural review

October is already over… time is running. Time for a short review:


Carrot Leaf ... the cute Kentucky-autumn-chicken we are now waiting for!

Carrot Leaf … the cute Kentucky-autumn-chicken we are now waiting for!

I’m still waiting for my Kentucky-Chicken “Carrot-Leaf”.  It didn’t arrive … it is on its way now for appr. 4 weeks… hope that nothing bad is happend to Carrot-Leaf… perhaps on its way it found a nice place to settle down???  I hope that the small cute chicken is all right… Nevertheless meanwhile a new chicken was sewed here …  I’ll wait until next Sunday to introduce to you the chickens you can win… but here you get a little foretaste:

Chenille chicken

Chenille chicken

This cute Chenille-Chicken is waiting for you!

2 All in all October was a very buzy month… I tried a lot of things in my autumn holidays, had a lot of work too. So I will show you now what I did with all the chestnuts I gathered up: I made a small chestnut filled satchel out of it – you can use that for massage of back, shoulders or neck – the satchel is used for carfully pressing or knocking.

The whole month I was buzy with trying a really cute crochet pattern: some crochet mice… I found the tutorial on thegreendragonfly blog… but be careful – it’s unstopable!

I tried chenille-technique 1st time:

In October I discovered  a beautiful knitting pattern – I found the link on a Canadian knitting blog:  Aster Flower Knitting Stitch  by Knitting Unlimited – seems to be difficult first, but it isn’t – after just a few rows it was possible to knit without the pattern. I have some wonderful baby alpaka wool my mother brought along last year from a trip to Peru … I think it will be a beautiful smooth shawl soon:

Beside all that I was kind of pouch-addicted… I tried different patterns and materials, with or without lining, small or bigger… cause I aimed to understand pouch-construction.

The pattern for the small pencil- or glassespouch with the endless zipper I found on a German blog (himbeerkamel). It is in German – but I hope with the step-by-step foto-tutorial it is self explanatory.


3. October was kind of shopaholic... ebay… dawanda… local fabric market … lots of precuts, fabric and other stuff are waiting now for use!



4. October was successful … I successfully passed a postgraduate professional education: “Coaching with creative techniques”.  Beside my full time job I started it last year in November … now I’m happy that I climbed that mountain!

successfully passed a postgraduate professional education: Coaching with creative techniques


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Finished Pillow Case

I started to make a small rug for our side table beside our reading chair… but at the end it turned into a pillow case!

But seriously… I discovered a very interesting pattern in a video tutorial of the MSQC – they used it there for a baby quilt and I wanted to try it within a small project. It’s autumn now an I’m crazy about colours… so I took the last pieces of a batik charm pack to work with. After I did the first step and sewed the first two strippy squares together to cut it into 4 parts like shown in the tutorial I couldn’t stop and had to make some more… but what to do with it now where it was too big for a small rug?

middle part

middle part

Around the multicoloured center I sewed black stripes for the contrast. Out of all the remaining  batik scraps I cut triangles and sewed them into one long strip.

triangle strip

I used this strip to sew it as a border around the centre and for the back side to make a zipper cover out of it. I connected the top with batting and lining… ready to quilt!

ready to quilt

I decided to take orange yarn for the quilting – because orange is my favourite autumn-colour and a good contrast on the black fabric. On the lining side you can see the simple quilting I did.

Lining shows the quilt pattern.

Lining shows the quilt pattern.

On the back side I added a covered zipper. I choose a binding out of the black fabric… I sewed it on the front side with my machine, the blind stich on the back side was handstiched. And voilà…

The size is now 16 inch – it fits perfectly for a 15 3/4 ” pillow and it is a wonderful decoration of our reading chair now.



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