November Review

Oh yes… November is already gone… here a short post scriptum. As I told in my November posts I finished my first big quilt and we have ha winner for my chicken-run-chicken now. But there were  some other things I did:


For a working mate’s grandchild I made a fabric balloon cover… that is a really cool thing for little children – the balloon inside is protected by the fabric cover but when it pops the fabric cover will damp the noise and keep all balloon pieces inside…. and it fits in any purse 🙂 – insert the balloon into the cover and blow it up when it is inside (and you can use one balloon several times).

I found the pattern on a German blog and so it is in German language, but there you can find an illustrated tutorial (self explanatory) and a pdf-template. It is for personal use only.


In November I joined a charity campaign of Innocent-Drink-Company… they ask every year for little knitted hats. For every bottle sold with a hat a donation is given for old people in need (in UK it is Age UK, in Germany it is the Red Cross). The campaign is going on in UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I designed five little woolly hats.

3. Christmas is near… Christmas Ornament

Avis published a Christmas ornament tutorial on her lovely ohsewtempting blog. I couldn’t resist and had immediately to try. You find her detailed tutorial here… I’ll write a long version for German readers. Thank you Avis for sharing this tutorial !

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Mr. Cluck is going to America…

As I told you, Laura from MAYROSESEWING won one of my chickens – Laura and her kids decided to name the log cabin one “Mr. Cluck” and give him a new home.

Mr. Cluck

Mr. Cluck

If you want to follow the chicken run around the world please visit Laura’s blog.

All about all the other chickens before and how to enter the chicken run  you can find at Avis’ blog from where the chicken run started. In her chicken run gallery you can see all the cute chickens and you’ll find links to all previous participants. Please let Avis know about every chicken that is hatched.  A tutorial to make a chicken pincushion you can find here at Carla’s Granny Maud’s Girl blog. They are fast and easy to make and you just need a very small amount of fabrics – you surely find in your stash. You can use every patchwork block pattern to make these cute chicken pincushions and there are a lot of possibilities to design beak, comb and tail – for beak and comb I took some selvages and for the tail pieces instead of prairie points I folded the small squares like origami square bases… I’m curious looking forward to all the following chickens!

needed material

needed material

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Finished Quilttop…

At last I finished the quilt top I started with at the end of August… I’m not really satisfied with the result – think I put all possible beginner’s mistakes in it… so much pieces (at last 1056 without the two borders), I don’t like the colours … I chose any fabric I found in my stash … because I wanted to try out a little bit how it feels making a big quilt (not knowing that it would be my wish at last bringing it to an end … now I know it is not like knitting .. he, he… where you try something and unstitch it to take the wool afterwards for a “perfect” work). But because it will be my first big one it will be loved as it is! For the back I choose the dark blue – the one you see in the border (it is dark blue with small light blue dots). For the binding I’ll take the fabric I took for the inner border and which are spotting the whole top. I hope it will be ready until the end of November… it will be appr. 57″x75″ then. It is my craft apprentice piece… some day I hope to make journeyman’s and – perhaps – masterpieces… There is a German proverb which says,” Hope is the last to die “.

my first big one!

my first big one!

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“Reading Bone” – a boneshaped relaxing neck pillow

bookworm Since she learned to read my daughter is a bookworm… no day without reading, no single week without finishing a book.

In her Autumn holidays she travelled to the Netherlands – to Ameland, an island in the Northern Sea – with other young people. When she returned yesterday I surprised her with a bone-shaped relaxing neck pillow… I think this pillow is a wonderful gift for book-addicted people.

I discovered the pattern on a German blog called “creadienstag” – what means “creative Tuesday”. All creative working bloggers are asked on Tuesday  to set a link for introducing their current projects… no matter if the projects are finished or still works in progress. It is alway interesting to see how many creative people are doing wonderful exciting work out there. And this website is also a treasure chest for ideas and always inspiring ( in German language – but sometimes an inspiring picture is all you need 🙂 ).

But here is the “Reading Bone” … and here you find the tutorial in English.

Reading Bone

I love its unusual shape. It is a nice project to use up fabric pieces and it is easy & fast to make. All what you need is filling mateial, 2 grosgrain ribbons and 3 bone shaped pieces of fabric (each appr. 10×18″). I think I will make some more as chistmas gifts for friends & family this year.

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