Rag Quilt – update

Sewing a rag quilt part II (for part I see here): I really managed to sew all pieces together yesterday afternoon. The biggest challenge is waiting for me now: clipping every single seam allowance – every seam allowance has to be clipped one snip beside another with 1/4″ spacing. After I had started with my normal scissors yesterday evening, I noticed that it doesn’t work without a special tool (Thank you Kate for your concern about my hands!) … so I ordered a special rag quilter snip to protect my fingers! Because my order have to travel from the US it will probably take until the end of september until I have it…

So here is what it is looking so far – 11 blocks/15 rows – the whole quilt measures now 62 x 84″ (155 x 210 cm).

Do you see my mistake-block… accidentally I have used it in the wrong direction but decided  to leave it that way. So there is one denim block on the front and a multicoloured on the back side… happy accident!

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My cat "Pinter" ... like the British dramatist :-)

My cat “Pinter” … like the British dramatist 🙂

Easter is over now and my daughter left to visit her Grandma in Berlin.

So she took a tablerunner with her to give it to my mother – it was a Easter surprise but now I can show it here:

I found the pattern for the lovely primrose paper piecing pattern at the site of Regina Grewe, a German textile artist and pattern designer – on her site you find a lot lovely patterns (some free, some to buy… as pdf or EQ7-projects). Her website is in German and English.

For the binding I chose the flanged binding (I really love it) – for the turorial visit Lorna’s sewfreshquilts-blog.

I quilted it free motion … and I was a bit out of excercise, but at the end it works.

Meanwhile I received some new fabrics for my Postcrossing Quilt II – I’ll show it in a later post, but today I was surprised by receiving some lovely fabrics from Susan … some lovely Laurel Burch fabrics included:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASusan also participates in the F2F-block-swap. Meanwhile I’ve chosen my colour scheme for the block swap – I decided that I would love to receive blocks in turquoise/orange/green with a white background… there are many shades and tones the colours could have… but one possible combination I found amongst my Easter eggs 🙂

F2F colour schemeI used the last days to start a new project (my poor daughter… she have to wait for her quilt now still a bit longer)… I cannot say so much about this project… it is for a celebration we have at the end of the month in our familiy… ok, of course it is going to be a quilt – I made some “dancing-square-blocks” so far (no pattern, just freestyle) … Until now I did the half I need for the quilt and what I show here is not the final order… What do you say, Is it going to be a nice quilt?


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Mr. Cluck is going to America…

As I told you, Laura from MAYROSESEWING won one of my chickens – Laura and her kids decided to name the log cabin one “Mr. Cluck” and give him a new home.

Mr. Cluck

Mr. Cluck

If you want to follow the chicken run around the world please visit Laura’s blog.

All about all the other chickens before and how to enter the chicken run  you can find at Avis’ blog from where the chicken run started. In her chicken run gallery you can see all the cute chickens and you’ll find links to all previous participants. Please let Avis know about every chicken that is hatched.  A tutorial to make a chicken pincushion you can find here at Carla’s Granny Maud’s Girl blog. They are fast and easy to make and you just need a very small amount of fabrics – you surely find in your stash. You can use every patchwork block pattern to make these cute chicken pincushions and there are a lot of possibilities to design beak, comb and tail – for beak and comb I took some selvages and for the tail pieces instead of prairie points I folded the small squares like origami square bases… I’m curious looking forward to all the following chickens!

needed material

needed material

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Meanwhile I finished my first big quilt – at the end it is 55 x 75”. Although while working on it I was very unhappy with the chosen fabrics (I wrote about it in an earlier post.) now I’m satisfied with my “debut-quilt”…. ok there are some things I wouldn’t rollback to, but it’s my first one and it will be loved  (not only by my quilt-assistant)!

My first Quilt in our Autumn Park

partly quilted with my walking foot, partly free motion

partly quilted with my walking foot, partly free motion

Thank you for visiting my blog… and please remember: the CHICKENRUN PINCUSHION GIVEAWAY is going on until Sunday… last chance to win a chicken – on Monay, 1st December I’ll post who the winner is.

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Finished Quilttop…

At last I finished the quilt top I started with at the end of August… I’m not really satisfied with the result – think I put all possible beginner’s mistakes in it… so much pieces (at last 1056 without the two borders), I don’t like the colours … I chose any fabric I found in my stash … because I wanted to try out a little bit how it feels making a big quilt (not knowing that it would be my wish at last bringing it to an end … now I know it is not like knitting .. he, he… where you try something and unstitch it to take the wool afterwards for a “perfect” work). But because it will be my first big one it will be loved as it is! For the back I choose the dark blue – the one you see in the border (it is dark blue with small light blue dots). For the binding I’ll take the fabric I took for the inner border and which are spotting the whole top. I hope it will be ready until the end of November… it will be appr. 57″x75″ then. It is my craft apprentice piece… some day I hope to make journeyman’s and – perhaps – masterpieces… There is a German proverb which says,” Hope is the last to die “.

my first big one!

my first big one!

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English Paperpiecing – Small Pouch Finished

Today I finished a small pouch with a flexible snap frame closure. The squares and triangles and the hexagon in the middle were made with English paperpiecing and afterwards appliqued to the pouch fabric. It was really fun to make. The pattern I found in a book about English Paperpiecing by the German author Claudia Schmidt (sorry… the book is in German but there are a lot of printable templates on her page).

The snap bag is machine quilted before the lining fabric was sewed in. Its diameter is appr. 7″, the snap frame’s width is 4,75″.

A view inside:

a view inside

a look inside

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Finished Pillow Case

I started to make a small rug for our side table beside our reading chair… but at the end it turned into a pillow case!

But seriously… I discovered a very interesting pattern in a video tutorial of the MSQC – they used it there for a baby quilt and I wanted to try it within a small project. It’s autumn now an I’m crazy about colours… so I took the last pieces of a batik charm pack to work with. After I did the first step and sewed the first two strippy squares together to cut it into 4 parts like shown in the tutorial I couldn’t stop and had to make some more… but what to do with it now where it was too big for a small rug?

middle part

middle part

Around the multicoloured center I sewed black stripes for the contrast. Out of all the remaining  batik scraps I cut triangles and sewed them into one long strip.

triangle strip

I used this strip to sew it as a border around the centre and for the back side to make a zipper cover out of it. I connected the top with batting and lining… ready to quilt!

ready to quilt

I decided to take orange yarn for the quilting – because orange is my favourite autumn-colour and a good contrast on the black fabric. On the lining side you can see the simple quilting I did.

Lining shows the quilt pattern.

Lining shows the quilt pattern.

On the back side I added a covered zipper. I choose a binding out of the black fabric… I sewed it on the front side with my machine, the blind stich on the back side was handstiched. And voilà…

The size is now 16 inch – it fits perfectly for a 15 3/4 ” pillow and it is a wonderful decoration of our reading chair now.



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