Happy Easter… Frohe Ostern!

I wish you all Happy Easter … the Easter preparations kept me busy:

left in the front a selfmade soapstone chicken

We chose only a small Easter bouquet with a few green branches and some daffodils. Of course we have selfcoloured eggs for decoration…

coloured easter eggsI used different techniques to colour the eggs – there are some painted eggs, some eggs decorated with scretching and etched with citron acid and some with a wax reserve technique.

And of course we have some coloured eggs for eating too…

... these are for eating

… these are for eating


17/04/2014 Some Easter Eggs

For Easter decoration I decorated some eggs. Therefor I used different techniques:


1. (with red and blue flowers and leaves) light green coloured egg, outlines with permanent marker, flowers & leafs with marker

2. green coloured egg, painted with permanent marker and gold/silver colour

3. light red coloured egg, black patterns and writing with permanent markerm, flowers on the other side medaillon with water colour

4. red colured egg, patterns on both sides scratched in with a needle

5. (“Egypt egg”) coloured with onion-skins, outlines with pemanent marker, filling with water colour

6. red coloured with reserving technique (used a small chestnut leaf); writing (botanical information about chestnut) with permanent marker

… there’s one question left… Is it possible for an egg having a front or a back side???


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