Christmas Ornament

Fast Christmas Ornament… Giveaway, Gift Tag, Keyhole Protector…

Do you know folded Christmas Tree Ornaments out of paper? You can even do this out of fabric to use it as a Christmas ornament, a giveaway, a gift tag or even as a kind of “keyhole protector” – especially in Christmas time: to protect the view through a  keyhole against prying eyes 🙂

You will need two contrasting fabrics – 2 half circles for one ornament; or you start with a circle two make two at the same time:

Cut a circle from both fabrics (right sides together); use any round object as a template. I used a 8,5″ diameter plate – the finished tree turned out appr. 5,5″.

Add 1/4 inch seam allowance… I do that using a round template with a little trick: I use a steel plain washer to draw it. As you see it is exactly a quarter inch (I suppose they are standard sized?).

Fold the circle into a half and finger press to mark the centre for drawing the diameter. Sew on both sides a quarter inch from diameter – leaving about two inches in both lines for turning. Cut the diameter to get to half circles. Trim the corners and turn your half circle.

Turn the inside out. After turning the raw edges of the opening to the inside close the opening by hand. Iron the half circle and fold it as shown – one side of your tree will show both fabrics; the back side shows only one fabric. Try it out until you like what you see and then iron every fold.

Finally sew from the top along the curved edge – use a decorative stitch and a coloured yarn – and add some matching ribbon to the top for hanging. Of course you can add some other decoration (pearls or sth like that) too.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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