I hope you all have a very happy Merry Christmas…

I sewed a last minute project, “peppermint candy table topper” from a free pattern I found here… I quilted it stiching in the ditch and the peppermind-candy-windmills free motion with Holly leaves and berries (I did it in a continous line and used two designs – if you are interested you’ll find it here).

And although it was actually too late… I couldn’t resist trying that Christmas cake recipe by Kate from talltalesfromchiconia… and suppose I can’t resist eating it all either!



Cinnamon-Butter-Flower … Delicious Something Between Bread & Cake

On a German Blog  I discovered a recipe for a traditional Austrian baked: The Kärntner Reindling – a cinnamon-butter-flower; a delicous something between sweet bread and cake. (Kärnten is a region of Austria)

It is made from a simple sweet leavened dough – from 3 dough pieces their interstices are filled originally with butter and cinnamon. I added some apples (small pieces) mixed with apple puree. There is a  little trick in preparing the dough to reach the amazing appearance:

The German recipe and photos of the preparation process you find on the German blog  dramaqueenatwork. The recipe there is in German, so here is a translation:

Make a sweet leavened dough from:

500 g wheat flour

40 g leaven

250 ml handwarm milk

50 g sugar

1 egg

1 pinch of salt

1 packet (= appr. 10g) vanilla sugar

Divide the dough in 3 equal parts. Roll all 3 parts out and put them one upon the other in a round baking dish (Important: the fringe must be removeable!). While you put the 3 doughsheets into the baking form, cover the 1st and 2nd with butter and cinnemon-sugar and put then the last doughsheet on top. Mark the centre with a glass or a tumbler or sth. Now cut the cake: from the marked line onto the edge –> 12 cuts (like the hours on your clock 🙂 ). Afterwards twist every doughpiece twice: 1st – rotate twice left, 2nd – totate twice right… and so on. At the end don’t forget to put the fringe on your baking form, because the butter could run out while baking.

Bake your cake appr. 20 – 30 minutes with 180°C… don’t let it get too dark because it could be too dry then. (With my apple filling it needs 40 minutes!) Try if it is done.

There is a tasty variation possible too: Make a tasty leavened dough (water instead milk, oliveoil instead egg, no sugar but some more salt) and fill it with red and green pesto… I didn’t try it but I will!!!

With the cinnamon-butter-apple filling today the whole kitchen smells like  Christmasseason and childhood… the whole family loved it!

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Fast Delicious Dessert

Last week I received another recipe-postcard from Laurel Lee, Michigan: “World Famous Michigan Cherry Pie”… I tried it and… it WAS very delicious and fast made. I replaced the tapioca with set custard powder (?) and took frozen pastry… it took only 45 minutes.