Winter… time for woolen accessories

Meanwhile it is cold and wintry here – I had a walk in our park in the morning nearby where I live. It is a park around a Castle – “Castle Borbeck” (Borbeck is the name of the part of our town). By the 14th century this castle became  the favorite residence of the princess-abbesses of Essen.

Until a surgery on my hand last year I used to do “excessive knitting” around the year. Most of all I loved to knit all kinds of accessories  – cowls, hats, scarfs, shawls, gloves, mittens… Most of it I gave to family or friends and I didn’t used to take pictures of the things I gave away; I take pictures  for a couple of years now.

Some wrist warmers and gloves…

The pattern for the mittens I found here.

This one is a simple triangular crocheted shawl, made out of stocking wool. I love that – its length is appr. 60”… in my childhood I loved watching “Our little house in the prairie” series – it reminds me on it.

This one is a very spontaneous work… a kind of collar – knitted out of grey wool, lined with fleece fabric and with multicoloured crocheted small bobbles out of 6ply socksyarn.

A simple woolen collar or shoulder warmer:


This was my first lace scarf – “Kiri”, the pattern is free and can be found here at Ravelry in several languages.

A crocheted scarf with matching knitted wrist warmers.

I really love that one – my “Mosaic-Cowl”, completely out of the smallest leftovers from 6ply socksyarn, lined with fleece fabric.

Very fast one evening project… festive cowl with matching hat.

Here my daughter is showing a nice fair isle knitted hat – the pattern’s name is “Selbu Modern” and it is free to download here.

An easy pattern I really love – can’t count how often I knitted it – is “Pimpelliese”, available for free at Ravelry: “Pimpelliese” by Spinning Martha. It is a 1-yarnball-project. While knitting you have to to weigh the yarn on the scales – you start at one corner and increase, if the half weight of yarnball is knittet you decrease and end with the other corner. And the nice border is directly knitted within the process. It is originally created for 4ply yarn (then it is a very pretty small shawl, out of cotton even for summer) – but I love to knit it with wool too – here are two out of thick yarn:

Next is the “Revontuli” shawl – a very easy and fast project from the Finnish blogger Anne. You’ll find the pattern for free on her blog or for free download at Ravelry.


Another lace project was a nice small asymmetric shawl – Lazy Katy. The pattern is just for sale, available on ravelry – Lazy Katy Pattern by Birgit Freyer. And yes  –  where is wool, there’s a cat!


Another pattern of Birgit Freyer is “Wave Of Color” – a moebius cowl. It is available in several languages at Ravelry – but not for free.


Beside knitting and crocheting I love felting very much (… yes, I’m crazy about wool! 🙂 ) Last year I felted a shawl with matching wrist warmers with natural wool curls:

It is a pitty that I can not knit a lot anymore – if I knit an hour, I can feel it for a hole week!

But still I am crazy about wool!

I wish you all a Happy New Year – especially health and the ability to persue your beloved hobbies!

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04/09/2014 More Scraps & Autumn Slippers

Today I took an online-test which offers to tell me which quilt block I am 😉   … I found out that I am a Log Cabin (… traditional and not afraid of problems)…

Therefore I directly did one … I made a Log Cabin Mug Rug out of my scrapbox… and cause it was so much fun and fast made, I made some (not log cabin) more, all appr. 4″.

And I finished a pair of knit-felted autumn slippers today out of all knit-felting carryovers (… and today we had 27°C here!) … it is always a small wonder – taking them out of the washing machine and feel relieved they have the right size then.

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05/05/2014 Weekend Results

We had wonderful cool but sunny weather during the weekend… and I had a lot of time & energie… it’s spring!

FRIDAY… inspired by a photo I saw here I made a cute “thimble-pincushion” out of a thimble and a felted ball.

SATTURDAY… I continued my “paperpiecing-exercises” – the Penny Lane by 627Handworks – a pattern I found at Cath’s Wombatquilts-Blog

SUNDAY… I visited a fabric market nearby… and couldn’t resist… I baught some beautiful Japanese and Korean fabrics… and some Dutch and some Batic-Pieces and… and… and… just a small impression

It’s a pitty a work-filled rest of the month is waiting for me now… so I can’t start sewing directly.

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Felted Cacheur

15/02/2014 I felted a cacheur out of mountainsheep wool. On the front I feltet in a little piece of one of  the beautiful japanese kimono-fabrics Baukje from France sent me. Before I felted in the fabric I frayed it a little bit  so that the wool was able to bind/connect with the fabric. The loose black and red yarn-threads I let fall down on the wool (visible right from the fabric piece in the datail photo). To close it I used a big needle with felted decoration.

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