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Some Baby Equipment for a Friend… and a free tutorial for burpcloths

Today I took time to sew some baby equipment for a friend. I tried the selfbinding babyblanket (pattern by MSQC), two burp cloths (look at the free tutorial in this post) and a baby-soother case.

Detail - the corner of selb binding baby blanket

Detail – the corner of self binding baby blanket

I noticed the MSQC-tutorial for the selfbinding babyblanket at youtube first and after watching it I was curious to sew it…

You only need 2 fabricpieces of 30” and 40” – because of the way of connecting these fabrics the binding arises by itself. It was fast & fun to make.

Finally the blanket’s size is 35”.


Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket

There was much of the yellow terrycloth fabric left and so I decidet to make some burp cloths. I drawn a pattern by myself… and it turned out well.

If you didn’t notice – this is the 50th post on my blog! For that I’ll give a free tutorial to my readers: It is the first time I traced a sewing pattern using my computer… so I hope everything is understandable – if not I’ll answer your questions. –> Baby Burpcloth – free tutorial (pdf)

Last but not least  – and because I couldn’t stop making this cute baby stuff – I made a tiny baby-soother case out of some leftover fabric…. if you look closely you can see that it is sewn like a chicken-pincushion (just with a zipper).

Thank you for visiting by blog and reading my posts!

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Easter is near…

… and so I create something special: small knitted caps to warm our breakfast eggs… I published the pattern for free download at Ravelry: English Version / Deutsche Version

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