Me, the hat and the cat … and two winners!

Thank you a lot for all your comments and  congratulations. All together there were 61 comments showing interest in my blogiversary giveaway… at last I decided to draw two winners: one for the fabrics, one for the wool.

This time I’ve chosen the cat & hat method… first I took one cat and wrote all names down and cut small paperpieces as lots.


lots of lots

There were 53 entries for the fabric and 8 for the wool. Now the hat and the cat came into the play…

First we put all the names for the fabric-giveaway in the hat – we thoroughly shaken and stirred – and drew the winner:


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe winner of the 8 fat eights and 150 1″paper hexies is…

Teje … obviously Teje has a wonderful blog too… nero’s post and pOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAatch … and I just discovered a cute cat there which is a bit coloured like mine!

The beautiful Lana Grossa yarn together with two selfmade stitch OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmarkers was won by Alexis, who also has a lovely blog to visit: cobcottagecraft.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!

And what I was doing meanwhile …

F2F block swap 2015I entered a block swap party… it will start in June and is organized by Kate @ talltalesfromchiconia and Sue @ From the Magpie’s Nest.

So I’m happy that I’m in … and excited about all the blocks I’m going to sew and to receive  & I’m looking forward to the wonderful results of all the 12 participants! 🙂

Beside my daily work I’ve been working on some UFO’s and at the moment I’m busy with a small Easter wall hanging (appr. 12×20″)

Easter wall hanging

Easter wall hanging

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Exactly one year ago I started blogging with a post about a fabric for my postcrossing quilt, sent by a small 9year old girl, Anna from Moscow. My intention with this blog was to document what I was making with all the fabrics other postcrossers sent me for making this postcrossing quilt… meanwhile it is finished and I am collecting fabrics for a second one… “Postcrossing meets Blog”…   And meanwhile it is not only my postcrossing quilt I blog about but other selfmade things too. It was one year full of worldwide journeys to creativity, I discovered so many interesting blogs, was supported from you – from all over the world, also tender plants of worldwide friendship began to grow… Thank you so much for supporting me with your likes, comments and also with inspiration or fabrics for my postcrossing quilt.

How to celebrate such an event?

First of all I’ve baked a BIRTHDAY CAKEChristine over at quiltingstories posted so lovely photos and the recipe of a cake she made last week … I made this delicious cake for my blogiversary 🙂

A real birthday needs an appropriate gift… so I made myself a BIRTHDAY PRESENT! In my last post I showed the pictures of small embroidered felt hexies…  I have been asked several times what they was supposed to be… Voilà – here we go: There are  blogs I follow and read regularly – a few month ago I read first at Carla‘s blog and then at Kate’s about the Hexie travel kit – made with a tutorial by Haley at thezenofmaking blog. I saw it – and loved it – and had to make one! I used a neutral grey solid for the outside. For the lining I chose beautiful  Notting Hill fabrics from ring a roses by Gütermann. And here it is:

I love that all material needed for sewing hexis fits into it…

all that stuff finds a place in the travel kit

all that stuff finds a place in the travel kit

I was able to put in: 8 fat eights of fabric, a paper case with 150 1″ paper hexies, a small case with needles, yarn, measure tape, a pair of scissors, my collapsible thread collector… one of the big inner pockets was still empty, there you can put the hexis in you’ve already sewn together. The smaller pocket on the front is big enough for two Altoid containers if you prefer that.

But there is still something missing… yes, of course… a gift for my readers… A GIVEAWAY. I know that some of you love sewing and fabric, some are keen about knitting/crocheting and wool … so I prepared two giveaways:

1. I give away some of the wonderful fabrics I used for the lining of my hexie travel kit: 8 different fat eights of Notting Hill fabrics from ring a roses by Gütermann together with 150 one inch paper hexies out of old strip cartoons (punched by myself :-))

2. … if you are a wool lover … you have the chance to win 100g beautiful wool: Magico II from LANA GROSSA (75% virgin wool, 25% polyamide) in a beautiful color combination together with two memade stitchmarkers. It will be enough wool for a pair of gloves or socks or to knit a tiny shawl (for instance my most beloved shawl pattern – “Pimpelliese” by Spinning Martha)

To win one of those giveaways please leve a comment below. If you are a follower of my blog please tell me in which way you follow and in what kind of posts you are interested most. Tell me if you would like to win the fabric or the wool giveaway. This giveaway is open internationally for the next 10 days until the end of  the 19th of March (CET).

You have not to be a follower to enter this giveaway, it is open for everyone – I am thankful for nearly 10.000 visits from all over the world in my first year 🙂 THANK YOU!

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GYB-Party-Giveaway… Winner


… out of 68 comments telling what could be made out of my stash charmpack the random number generator has drawn a number: 34…

So now we know that these charms will be a babyquilt… made for a baby grandson.

GYB Giveaway WinnerBut before that I will send my charmpack to Ontario, Canada….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACongratulations Mary Anne from


I have to honestly say that I am glad that not I had to decide who is the winner… so many brilliant ideas!!! Thank you all – it was such fun to read all your comments (I must admit that I was tempted to strip my whole stash in charmpacks – so that everybody could win 😉 ). I hope MaryAnn will show us what she has finally made out of it.

Thank you again Vicky for hosting the “Grow Your Blog” Party – I discovered so many lovely and inspiring blogs during the past weeks. And there are many blogs waiting for the rest of the year.

post coach fabric from Barbara, US

post coach fabric from Barbara, US

But what did I do the last weeks? First of all I got an enormous feedback for my Postcrossing Quilt – via comments and via messages at the postcrossing platform. I received the first fabrics for my POSTCROSSING QUILT II. It looks as if this time I manage to connect fabrics from all continents in one quilt! But this is a topic for a special post!


I made some blocks for my Dear Jane…


Carla from grannymaudsgirl told in a blogpost last week about her “pincushion problem” – I absolutely share that. I love sewing small cute little things (like pincushions) – often they are fast made, nice to look at and mostly welcome gifts… although I often can’t stop making it, there are not enough opportunities to give it away – and so I do a little bit of  heard it in the closet. However… during my blog-wanderings I discovered something new… Teresa from fabrictherapy shared a wonderful tutorial on her blog: A Collapsible Thread Catcher to collect all these tiny threads and small fabric snippets…. It was love at the first sight, and I knew I had to sew this… and so I did:

I absolutely love that!!! And at the moment it seems to be an an adequate replacement for more and more pincushions. There is also a very detailed youtube tutorial by AngiesBitsAndPieces.

DEUTSCH: Es gibt einen Gewinner des “GrowYourBlog” Giveaways… das von mir zugeschnittene Charmpack geht nach Ontario, Kanada zu Mary Ann, die eine Babydecke für ihren Enkelsohn daraus nähen möchte. Während ich über die GYB-Party viele neue Blogs erkundet habe, habe ich einige Blöcke für meinen Dear Jane Quilt genäht. Außerdem habe ich die ersten Stoffe für meinen Postcrossing Quilt II erhalten… ich hoffe, dass es mir diesmal wirklich gelingt, alle Kontinente in einem Quilt zu vereinen. Während meinen Streifzügen im www habe ich ein tolles Tutorial für einen zusammenfaltbaren Fadensammler entdeckt… es war Liebe auf den ersten Blick und ich musste das Ding einfach sofort nachnähen 🙂 Hier geht es zum Fototutorial und hier zur youtube-Anleitung.


grow your blog 2015Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. This is a special post to introduce my blog and myself at the start  of “Grow your Blog Party 2015”.

In Berlin - where I was born

Thats me – Annett, in the middle of my 40’s; mother of two (a girl, 16 and a boy, 27) – and imagine, one year ago I knew nothing about blogging and just a little more about patchwork & quilting!

I started this blog because of another hobby of mine: exchanging postcards with people from all over the world with In my profile there I asked postcrossing members to send me with their postcard a fabricpiece to create a “postcrossing-quilt”.  I love needlecrafting in general – but until then I had never tried quilting (but I ever wanted to 🙂 ). Then I received the first fabrics and felt that I needed something to show the participators what I was doing with their fabrics. I thaught about Flickr – but only showing photos was not what I wanted. Can you imagine that I had no idea about blogging??? So I took some evening classes in February 2014 and started my blog in March. Just a few days ago I finished my Postcrossing Quilt – my last post was about that quilt. Today was a post about it on Postcrossing-blog too and I was overwhelmed by all the lovely comments.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnly a few days before I finished this project I got some new fabric I couldn’t put in there: so I decided to start a new one: Postcrossing Quilt II – and this time not open only for postcrossing members. It is open to everyone who’ll send fabric (every fabric coming by mail!). So if you want taking part please contact me. I plan collecting fabrics until late summer – before I start sewing. I think about an appliqué-quilt or some scrappy one…


The place where I sew…

During the last year I learned so much about sewing & quilting… one year ago I didn’t know how many cm an inch was, what a fat quarter was, free motion quilting, quilting in the ditch, disappearing ninepatch… charm pack, layer cake, jelly roll … all that was new for me. Because of postcrossing’s common language is English I started my blog in English … although I think I didn’t upgrade my grammar I learned a lot of new vocabulary. Anyhow… it is a foreign language for me and sometimes I feel very disabled to express what I want to say like I would do in German.

Beside sewing I like knitting and felting very much. And once a year I make my own soap. In 2015 I hope to improve my stiching skills and do more appliqué… I started a Dear Jane Quilt, suppose it provides a lot of applequé for me (and lots of curves… another challenge!). Here are some impressions what kind of topics you will find on my blog:

I hope to discover a lot of new interesting blogs this year and find others with similar interests … and perhaps inspiring people with completely different interests? I thought about a giveaway … and here is what has occured to me:

Out of my stash I combined a charmpack – 42 charms (5×5″) from 21 different fabrics (two of each) … it is multicoloured and I really interested in what you (perhaps) would make out of it:

knettycraft stash charmpack

These are all fabrics I used for one or the other of my projects … If you would like to win, please leave a comment and tell what you can imagine to make out of these fabrics.

This giveaway is open to everyone from everywhere in the world – doesn’t matter if you have a blog or not – until the end of Feb 15 2015 (CET). The winner will be drawn using a random number generator. Numbers will be allocated in the order that comments are received. If you are a no-reply blogger, please make sure that I can contact you and leave your email address in the comment. Good luck!

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking time to stay a while … would be nice if you come back again. 🙂

Fast Christmas Ornament… Giveaway, Gift Tag, Keyhole Protector…

Do you know folded Christmas Tree Ornaments out of paper? You can even do this out of fabric to use it as a Christmas ornament, a giveaway, a gift tag or even as a kind of “keyhole protector” – especially in Christmas time: to protect the view through a  keyhole against prying eyes 🙂

You will need two contrasting fabrics – 2 half circles for one ornament; or you start with a circle two make two at the same time:

Cut a circle from both fabrics (right sides together); use any round object as a template. I used a 8,5″ diameter plate – the finished tree turned out appr. 5,5″.

Add 1/4 inch seam allowance… I do that using a round template with a little trick: I use a steel plain washer to draw it. As you see it is exactly a quarter inch (I suppose they are standard sized?).

Fold the circle into a half and finger press to mark the centre for drawing the diameter. Sew on both sides a quarter inch from diameter – leaving about two inches in both lines for turning. Cut the diameter to get to half circles. Trim the corners and turn your half circle.

Turn the inside out. After turning the raw edges of the opening to the inside close the opening by hand. Iron the half circle and fold it as shown – one side of your tree will show both fabrics; the back side shows only one fabric. Try it out until you like what you see and then iron every fold.

Finally sew from the top along the curved edge – use a decorative stitch and a coloured yarn – and add some matching ribbon to the top for hanging. Of course you can add some other decoration (pearls or sth like that) too.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Linked up here: Show and Tell Tuesday, Linky Tuesday

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Some Baby Equipment for a Friend… and a free tutorial for burpcloths

Today I took time to sew some baby equipment for a friend. I tried the selfbinding babyblanket (pattern by MSQC), two burp cloths (look at the free tutorial in this post) and a baby-soother case.

Detail - the corner of selb binding baby blanket

Detail – the corner of self binding baby blanket

I noticed the MSQC-tutorial for the selfbinding babyblanket at youtube first and after watching it I was curious to sew it…

You only need 2 fabricpieces of 30” and 40” – because of the way of connecting these fabrics the binding arises by itself. It was fast & fun to make.

Finally the blanket’s size is 35”.


Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket

There was much of the yellow terrycloth fabric left and so I decidet to make some burp cloths. I drawn a pattern by myself… and it turned out well.

If you didn’t notice – this is the 50th post on my blog! For that I’ll give a free tutorial to my readers: It is the first time I traced a sewing pattern using my computer… so I hope everything is understandable – if not I’ll answer your questions. –> Baby Burpcloth – free tutorial (pdf)

Last but not least  – and because I couldn’t stop making this cute baby stuff – I made a tiny baby-soother case out of some leftover fabric…. if you look closely you can see that it is sewn like a chicken-pincushion (just with a zipper).

Thank you for visiting by blog and reading my posts!

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Mr. Cluck is going to America…

As I told you, Laura from MAYROSESEWING won one of my chickens – Laura and her kids decided to name the log cabin one “Mr. Cluck” and give him a new home.

Mr. Cluck

Mr. Cluck

If you want to follow the chicken run around the world please visit Laura’s blog.

All about all the other chickens before and how to enter the chicken run  you can find at Avis’ blog from where the chicken run started. In her chicken run gallery you can see all the cute chickens and you’ll find links to all previous participants. Please let Avis know about every chicken that is hatched.  A tutorial to make a chicken pincushion you can find here at Carla’s Granny Maud’s Girl blog. They are fast and easy to make and you just need a very small amount of fabrics – you surely find in your stash. You can use every patchwork block pattern to make these cute chicken pincushions and there are a lot of possibilities to design beak, comb and tail – for beak and comb I took some selvages and for the tail pieces instead of prairie points I folded the small squares like origami square bases… I’m curious looking forward to all the following chickens!

needed material

needed material

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Chicken run continues – and the winner is…

November is over – and it’s done! The next leg of chicken run can start now.

There where 14 comments on my chicken introducing blog post: 4 friendly comments, 6 of my own,  2 pingbacks and 2 interested persons who would like to get one of my beauties and make another one. Two is not much… but it is enough to try the Random Number Generator! And I did!

drawn with the Random Number Generator

winner drawn with the Random Number Generator

The winner is: NUMBER 2 –> The second comment (in order of arrival) came from:

Oh what a great idea. I would love one of the chickens to find their way to Oregon USA. We will call him Mr. Cluck (unless my son overrules this name for something more spirited). It would feel at home with all the neighbor’s urban chickens.
Maybe I’ll get to send one off into the world!


So one of my chickens is now a little rooster and named Mr. Cluck – he will go to a journey to

Laura, Oregon, USA.

I don’t know now which chicken will fly to Laura but I’ll tell you as soon as I know! So, who is “Mr. Cluck”?

The Chicken Run Continues – Pincushion Giveaway / Swap

Few weeks ago I won a little chicken-pincushion. In spite of Carrot Leaf’s persisting flight* from US, Kentucky to me to Essen, Germany (… or maybe around and around and around the whole wide world…) I want to  introduce to you the chickens I sewed to give one of them away to the lucky winner.

All chicken pincushions I made are between 3″ and 4″.

First Chicken I made was a log-cabin-one. I called it Big Martha – it was the first one I made month ago. But now she would like to go on a journey… so if you like her, how would you name that little chicken?

Next chicken I made was a little one in chenille technique…

Also I made a chicken out of Japanese fabrics. I baught this wonderful fabrics few month ago on a local fabric market – but now I used it first time to make this little chicken:

Last but not least I designed a chicken with scrappy appliques and eyes out of  small freshwater perls  for you:

And this is where you come in: If you would like to win one of these chickens all you need to do is:

1. Agree to make another chicken and give it away on your blog within 4 weeks of receiving your prize. Include a link back to so that all the chickens can appear in her Chicken Run Gallery which will include a link to your blog if you have one. Please let Avis at know about every chicken that is hatched.  A tutorial to make a chicken pincushion you can find here at Carla’s Granny Maud’s Girl blog.

2. Leave a comment below to say what you would like to call your preferred chicken, which country it would be going to and why it would feel at home there.

The chickens are made from small scraps of fabric and a small amount of stuffing. They are stuffed with polyester batting. Please do not stuff your giveaway chicken with foodstuff or plant material as it may not be allowed into the country you are sending to. It is also possible to send the chicken without stuffing.

This giveaway is open to everyone in the whole wide world until the end of 30th November  (local time) and will be drawn using a random number generator. Numbers will be allocated in the order that comments are received.

Good luck!


Carla sent the chickens from Kentucky at 31 October... after 2 weeks they reached Essen, Germany

Carla sent the chickens from Kentucky at 31 October… after 2 weeks they reached Essen, Germany

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October is gone … short pictural review

October is already over… time is running. Time for a short review:


Carrot Leaf ... the cute Kentucky-autumn-chicken we are now waiting for!

Carrot Leaf … the cute Kentucky-autumn-chicken we are now waiting for!

I’m still waiting for my Kentucky-Chicken “Carrot-Leaf”.  It didn’t arrive … it is on its way now for appr. 4 weeks… hope that nothing bad is happend to Carrot-Leaf… perhaps on its way it found a nice place to settle down???  I hope that the small cute chicken is all right… Nevertheless meanwhile a new chicken was sewed here …  I’ll wait until next Sunday to introduce to you the chickens you can win… but here you get a little foretaste:

Chenille chicken

Chenille chicken

This cute Chenille-Chicken is waiting for you!

2 All in all October was a very buzy month… I tried a lot of things in my autumn holidays, had a lot of work too. So I will show you now what I did with all the chestnuts I gathered up: I made a small chestnut filled satchel out of it – you can use that for massage of back, shoulders or neck – the satchel is used for carfully pressing or knocking.

The whole month I was buzy with trying a really cute crochet pattern: some crochet mice… I found the tutorial on thegreendragonfly blog… but be careful – it’s unstopable!

I tried chenille-technique 1st time:

In October I discovered  a beautiful knitting pattern – I found the link on a Canadian knitting blog:  Aster Flower Knitting Stitch  by Knitting Unlimited – seems to be difficult first, but it isn’t – after just a few rows it was possible to knit without the pattern. I have some wonderful baby alpaka wool my mother brought along last year from a trip to Peru … I think it will be a beautiful smooth shawl soon:

Beside all that I was kind of pouch-addicted… I tried different patterns and materials, with or without lining, small or bigger… cause I aimed to understand pouch-construction.

The pattern for the small pencil- or glassespouch with the endless zipper I found on a German blog (himbeerkamel). It is in German – but I hope with the step-by-step foto-tutorial it is self explanatory.


3. October was kind of shopaholic... ebay… dawanda… local fabric market … lots of precuts, fabric and other stuff are waiting now for use!



4. October was successful … I successfully passed a postgraduate professional education: “Coaching with creative techniques”.  Beside my full time job I started it last year in November … now I’m happy that I climbed that mountain!

successfully passed a postgraduate professional education: Coaching with creative techniques


Thank you for stopping by.

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