pillow case

“Reading Bone” – a boneshaped relaxing neck pillow

bookworm Since she learned to read my daughter is a bookworm… no day without reading, no single week without finishing a book.

In her Autumn holidays she travelled to the Netherlands – to Ameland, an island in the Northern Sea – with other young people. When she returned yesterday I surprised her with a bone-shaped relaxing neck pillow… I think this pillow is a wonderful gift for book-addicted people.

I discovered the pattern on a German blog called “creadienstag” – what means “creative Tuesday”. All creative working bloggers are asked on Tuesday  to set a link for introducing their current projects… no matter if the projects are finished or still works in progress. It is alway interesting to see how many creative people are doing wonderful exciting work out there. And this website is also a treasure chest for ideas and always inspiring ( in German language – but sometimes an inspiring picture is all you need 🙂 ).

But here is the “Reading Bone” … and here you find the tutorial in English.

Reading Bone

I love its unusual shape. It is a nice project to use up fabric pieces and it is easy & fast to make. All what you need is filling mateial, 2 grosgrain ribbons and 3 bone shaped pieces of fabric (each appr. 10×18″). I think I will make some more as chistmas gifts for friends & family this year.

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Finished Pillow Case

I started to make a small rug for our side table beside our reading chair… but at the end it turned into a pillow case!

But seriously… I discovered a very interesting pattern in a video tutorial of the MSQC – they used it there for a baby quilt and I wanted to try it within a small project. It’s autumn now an I’m crazy about colours… so I took the last pieces of a batik charm pack to work with. After I did the first step and sewed the first two strippy squares together to cut it into 4 parts like shown in the tutorial I couldn’t stop and had to make some more… but what to do with it now where it was too big for a small rug?

middle part

middle part

Around the multicoloured center I sewed black stripes for the contrast. Out of all the remaining  batik scraps I cut triangles and sewed them into one long strip.

triangle strip

I used this strip to sew it as a border around the centre and for the back side to make a zipper cover out of it. I connected the top with batting and lining… ready to quilt!

ready to quilt

I decided to take orange yarn for the quilting – because orange is my favourite autumn-colour and a good contrast on the black fabric. On the lining side you can see the simple quilting I did.

Lining shows the quilt pattern.

Lining shows the quilt pattern.

On the back side I added a covered zipper. I choose a binding out of the black fabric… I sewed it on the front side with my machine, the blind stich on the back side was handstiched. And voilĂ …

The size is now 16 inch – it fits perfectly for a 15 3/4 ” pillow and it is a wonderful decoration of our reading chair now.



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