Rag Quilt Finished… and what I have been busy doing as well

Every day I I have stared at my rag quilt’s seams and I litarally couldn’t wait for the parcel with the special tool.  So I finally took my regular fabric scissors…

20150828_131211Meanwhile I finished the quilt (and can take the tool for upcoming rag quilts 🙂 ). I love how it turned out after washing it … and I was really thankful for the tip from alookatthelittlethings who said she put her last rag quilt into a pillow case before it went into the washer, because that really helped contain all the loose threads that came off of it. In fact I collected loose threads in tons from my washing machine and from the ground!!! It was unbelievable! Finishing size is 62×84″ (155×210 cm). But now have a look:

All in all it took less than a week until it was done …

Meanwhile summer is definetely over and autumn has arrived. We had a cold, rainy and windy weekend. My daughter sorted out an old pillow and it was immediately occupied by the cat… so I sewed a fast pouf and used the old pillow for the filling. I used a tutorial by Gina @theshabbycreekcottage

screen-shot-2015-03-02-at-7-13-18-amI was Miss July in the F2F block swap and meanwhile I received nearly all blocks the other participants made  for me. I am still waiting for three blocks from Australia – and I am really afraid they were lost… but who knows all the secrets of postal service. I will wait a bit longer and hope they will arrive soon.

Susan from desertskyquilts was Miss August – and these were the blocks I made (her chosen colour palette was blue/white/red):

I also managed to sew my first scrappytriparoundtheworld block for the Scrappytripalongbee – the colour choice was black and white with a hot pink center strip:


This weekend I played a bit with some scraps and a template I bought a while ago: the Mini Wacky Web template from the MSQC (here is a tutorial for it) … Originally it is thought to use paper triangles for it but I did it without. I inverted the colours and used white for the “stars” and colours for the points of the triangles – and changed fore- and background in this way.  I love the way it looks. Today I  sewed 20 blocks together … my first idea was a baby quilt (but for which baby?). I put it aside to add more scraps later.

mini wacky web / mini periwinkle template

So now I wish you all a nice week – I suppose I’ll have no time to sew the next week.



Rag Quilt – update

Sewing a rag quilt part II (for part I see here): I really managed to sew all pieces together yesterday afternoon. The biggest challenge is waiting for me now: clipping every single seam allowance – every seam allowance has to be clipped one snip beside another with 1/4″ spacing. After I had started with my normal scissors yesterday evening, I noticed that it doesn’t work without a special tool (Thank you Kate for your concern about my hands!) … so I ordered a special rag quilter snip to protect my fingers! Because my order have to travel from the US it will probably take until the end of september until I have it…

So here is what it is looking so far – 11 blocks/15 rows – the whole quilt measures now 62 x 84″ (155 x 210 cm).

Do you see my mistake-block… accidentally I have used it in the wrong direction but decided  to leave it that way. So there is one denim block on the front and a multicoloured on the back side… happy accident!

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Sewing a Rag Quilt

after cutting the background squares

after cutting the background squares

Yesterday I have cleaned up my wardrobe and found some old Jeans… so I thought I must immediately start trying to sew a rag quilt… I already saved some denim fabrics from my daughters jeans too and some other clothing and upholstery/ decoration fabrics. Because I deceided to use heavy fabrics for the back side, I don’t use any lining/batting. 01a_the fabrics

First step was cutting 6.5″ squares from all these fabrics. For the front side I mixed several fabric leftovers and single fat quarters I thought I wouldn’t use for other projects. I also used some fabrics I got from a friend who has given some fabrics to me because she moved and had too less space for it in the new flat. I ended up with two fabric piles – I thought making a quilt which has 11 blocks in each of 15 rows (appr. expected size is 60×80″ / 150×200 cm) – 165 pieces each:


fabrics for back & front

fabrics for back & front

The first step of making a rag quilt is combining a front fabric with a back fabric and sewing two diagonal seams – fabrics – wrong sides together. To make it faster I started today with chainpiecing the first diagonal… on top here a lovely Tula Pink fabric.

first diagonal is sewn

first diagonal is sewn

After that I chainpieced again to add the second diagonal.

added a second diagonal

added a second diagonal

Even now it is time to decide which squares should be connected to rows… I laid all the squares following the colours to look which squares fit together:

ready to sort for the rows

ready to sort for the rows

I tried different layouts on the floor an made a pile at the end to connect the rows. I sewed the squares together wrong side on wrong side so that the 0.5″ seamallowance shows up on the front.

06_building rows

In this way I built 15 rows – each from 11 squares:07_rows

All that took a bit more time I expected – and so I wasn’t able connecting all the rows today. But the first five rows are sewn together:

first five rows connected

first five rows connected

I didn’t care how the different background fabrics were combined – it is looking like that so far:

backside I hope I am able to join the rows tomorrow afternoon when I’m home from work… I’m looking forward to snip all the seam allowances!

Although the quilt isn’t finished after I all in all  invested 10 hours work – the cat already loves it!


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