In spite of the wonderful sunset on the photo my daughter made Summer is almost gone now. My daughter made the photo in our neighbor city Bochum – it is a view from an old former coal mining/slag heap. We have lots of that here – nowadays mostly transformed into recreation places. I love that picture – do you see the girl who is making a selfie with her mobile or maybe putting the hair in order… In opposite to that scene the whole weekend was rainy and almost autumnal.

Since one week I am back to work after my summer holidays – but I was very busy. I began with a new quilt and did some other things. I didn’t manage to write my “connect quiltblocks with the QAYG-technique”… it was so very easy to take the step-by-step pictures – but writing the matching text is much more difficult … so I’ll do that later!


Two weeks ago I was inspired by the weekly MSQC tutorial – that week it was a Dresden Squared Quilt. So I prompt started a new quilt – I’ve chosen another block size (12″) and another sashing colour – but I am already excited to see how it will look.

960 pieces

960 pieces…

... connected to 480 pairs...

… connected to 480 pairs…
I used some fat quarters from Amy Butler and Tula Pink.

Okay… I suppose you know the next steps… pairs to double pairs, double pairs to…

24 big circles... appr. 20" in diameter

24 big circles… appr. 20″ in diameter

Time for a first layout test…

First layout test on the floor (with electric light... sorry)

First layout test on the floor (with electric light… sorry)

Now the very painful next step was waiting for me… squaring up all the circles…

squaring up the circles to 12,5" squares

squaring up the circles to 12,5″ squares

When I saw the leftovers I suddenly had the idea to connect to pieces a time to big orange peels or leaves … ok that is something for another quilt… isn’t that cool???

orangepeels or big leaves ... appr. 14" each!

leftovers turned in orangepeels or big leaves … appr. 14″ each!

The next step was to add all the center pieces. I have machine sewn the center with a small blanket stich. Therefor  I’ve used the same technique as with the orange peel pillow – sewn together the fabric with a thin sticky interfacing, right side to sticky side, cut a slit in the interfacing, turn inside out and iron in place before appliquéing with a small blanketstitch.

appliqué the center with a small blanket stitch

stitching down the center with a small blanket stitch

Meanwhile I basted all the squares and started quilting the squares to connect them afterwards with black sashing.


give-a-pink-shirtMy blogging friend Wanda  started a project with her local quilt guild: They are making Pink Shirt blocks for a raffle to benefits Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation. On her blog she asked for help – making a Pink Shirt using Carolyn Friedlander’s Shirts pattern… the pattern is only to buy, but I am in love with the pattern, since I saw it the first time month ago on Wanda’s blog… So it was a good opportunity to have a good reason for spending money…

I made two blocks to send it to the CVA MQG … and yes, I like to have taken part in the project and I love the pattern. All information about it you find at the website of the CVA MQG.

It is a bit time consuming  – but I can imagine making a quilt for a little girl using the shirt block as center of an economy block.



At Julie Hirt’s blog 627handworks I read about the Scrappy Trip Bee. What a

fascinating quiltpattern… and what an interesting way to sew the blocks … ok – at least I decided to participate (only five blocks until 15th October… that is achievable)….

After testing the pattern for a F2F-block I made another one today. I was to careful with the seam allowances that it turned out too big – it wasn’t possible to square it up with a 1/4″ final seam allowance. So I have to practise a bit and take this one as additional block for my F2F-quilt (in forsight I took fabrics which are in my F2F colour scheme).

Scrappy Trip Around the World quiltblock

Scrappy Trip Around the World quiltblock

I sketched a short tutorial in my sketchbook as a reminder how to construct the block… I have that personal designbook to collect all the patterns I love. The pattern is by Bonnie K. Hunter and for free available on her website: .

Scrappy trip around the world block

Scrappy trip around the world block










It is time to start with my second Postcrossing quilt… or better “Postcrossing meets Blog”-quilt.

35 people from 13 countries sent fabric so far. Apart from South America I got fabrics from every continent. Sue from sewingmagpie sent Guatemalian fabric from US – in this way also South America is represented.  Meanwhile I decided to make a very scrappy quilt. The topic of my first Postcrossing Quilt were postcards – the central theme of the second one is “STAMPS”… all the postcards I received, all the envelopes with fabrics had often beautiful stamps on it. So I plan to make a lot of “stamps” in different techniques… different kinds of appliqué, piecing, crazy quilting, some blocks with stiched embelleshing… I sketched some layout considerations in my sketchbook… different motifs, different sizes… connected with white sashing, quilted with a black zigzag line should look like stamps. But one thing is certain: it will be a long-term project. Doesn’t matter – winter evenings are long!

That was all for today. I wish you all a nice week!





Dancing Boxes …. finished

I designed the Dancing Boxes quilt as a birthday present for a family member… now I gave it away and can finally show the finished quilt. At the end it turned out 50″x 73″ (127 x 185 cm)… a lovely size to put it on the sofa and use it for the daily nap.

Dancing Boxes Quilt - front

Dancing Boxes Quilt – front

Dancing Boxes quilt

Dancing Boxes quilt

I chose a blue fabric for the back and an orange peel pattern for the quilting – I like the result and the quilting pattern was easy to sew on my domestic machine: just diagonal wavy lines with my walking foot which built this pattern at the end. I made a cardboard template to mark the lines.

Because I made this quilt as a birthday gift I created a special label: I used crayons to colour my drawing and my iron to fix the colours… I tried it before with a white fabric piece and put it in the washing machine at 40°C with best results. I got the idea to use crayons from this book… but I didn’t use a drawing from the book, I made my own.

My selfmade quiltlabel for this birthdayquilt.

My selfmade quiltlabel for this birthdayquilt.

While I was at the birthday party in Berlin I got a parcel from Esther@ipatchandquilt…. She sent a lot of lovely sraps to me to enlarge my stash – thank you Esther for your generosity!!!!

So I’m going to continue the work on my daughter’s quilt. In Juni F2F block swap will start and in June I have to sew three 12,5″ blocks for Esther…

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Exactly one year ago I started blogging with a post about a fabric for my postcrossing quilt, sent by a small 9year old girl, Anna from Moscow. My intention with this blog was to document what I was making with all the fabrics other postcrossers sent me for making this postcrossing quilt… meanwhile it is finished and I am collecting fabrics for a second one… “Postcrossing meets Blog”…   And meanwhile it is not only my postcrossing quilt I blog about but other selfmade things too. It was one year full of worldwide journeys to creativity, I discovered so many interesting blogs, was supported from you – from all over the world, also tender plants of worldwide friendship began to grow… Thank you so much for supporting me with your likes, comments and also with inspiration or fabrics for my postcrossing quilt.

How to celebrate such an event?

First of all I’ve baked a BIRTHDAY CAKEChristine over at quiltingstories posted so lovely photos and the recipe of a cake she made last week … I made this delicious cake for my blogiversary 🙂

A real birthday needs an appropriate gift… so I made myself a BIRTHDAY PRESENT! In my last post I showed the pictures of small embroidered felt hexies…  I have been asked several times what they was supposed to be… Voilà – here we go: There are  blogs I follow and read regularly – a few month ago I read first at Carla‘s blog and then at Kate’s about the Hexie travel kit – made with a tutorial by Haley at thezenofmaking blog. I saw it – and loved it – and had to make one! I used a neutral grey solid for the outside. For the lining I chose beautiful  Notting Hill fabrics from ring a roses by Gütermann. And here it is:

I love that all material needed for sewing hexis fits into it…

all that stuff finds a place in the travel kit

all that stuff finds a place in the travel kit

I was able to put in: 8 fat eights of fabric, a paper case with 150 1″ paper hexies, a small case with needles, yarn, measure tape, a pair of scissors, my collapsible thread collector… one of the big inner pockets was still empty, there you can put the hexis in you’ve already sewn together. The smaller pocket on the front is big enough for two Altoid containers if you prefer that.

But there is still something missing… yes, of course… a gift for my readers… A GIVEAWAY. I know that some of you love sewing and fabric, some are keen about knitting/crocheting and wool … so I prepared two giveaways:

1. I give away some of the wonderful fabrics I used for the lining of my hexie travel kit: 8 different fat eights of Notting Hill fabrics from ring a roses by Gütermann together with 150 one inch paper hexies out of old strip cartoons (punched by myself :-))

2. … if you are a wool lover … you have the chance to win 100g beautiful wool: Magico II from LANA GROSSA (75% virgin wool, 25% polyamide) in a beautiful color combination together with two memade stitchmarkers. It will be enough wool for a pair of gloves or socks or to knit a tiny shawl (for instance my most beloved shawl pattern – “Pimpelliese” by Spinning Martha)

To win one of those giveaways please leve a comment below. If you are a follower of my blog please tell me in which way you follow and in what kind of posts you are interested most. Tell me if you would like to win the fabric or the wool giveaway. This giveaway is open internationally for the next 10 days until the end of  the 19th of March (CET).

You have not to be a follower to enter this giveaway, it is open for everyone – I am thankful for nearly 10.000 visits from all over the world in my first year 🙂 THANK YOU!

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October is gone … short pictural review

October is already over… time is running. Time for a short review:


Carrot Leaf ... the cute Kentucky-autumn-chicken we are now waiting for!

Carrot Leaf … the cute Kentucky-autumn-chicken we are now waiting for!

I’m still waiting for my Kentucky-Chicken “Carrot-Leaf”.  It didn’t arrive … it is on its way now for appr. 4 weeks… hope that nothing bad is happend to Carrot-Leaf… perhaps on its way it found a nice place to settle down???  I hope that the small cute chicken is all right… Nevertheless meanwhile a new chicken was sewed here …  I’ll wait until next Sunday to introduce to you the chickens you can win… but here you get a little foretaste:

Chenille chicken

Chenille chicken

This cute Chenille-Chicken is waiting for you!

2 All in all October was a very buzy month… I tried a lot of things in my autumn holidays, had a lot of work too. So I will show you now what I did with all the chestnuts I gathered up: I made a small chestnut filled satchel out of it – you can use that for massage of back, shoulders or neck – the satchel is used for carfully pressing or knocking.

The whole month I was buzy with trying a really cute crochet pattern: some crochet mice… I found the tutorial on thegreendragonfly blog… but be careful – it’s unstopable!

I tried chenille-technique 1st time:

In October I discovered  a beautiful knitting pattern – I found the link on a Canadian knitting blog:  Aster Flower Knitting Stitch  by Knitting Unlimited – seems to be difficult first, but it isn’t – after just a few rows it was possible to knit without the pattern. I have some wonderful baby alpaka wool my mother brought along last year from a trip to Peru … I think it will be a beautiful smooth shawl soon:

Beside all that I was kind of pouch-addicted… I tried different patterns and materials, with or without lining, small or bigger… cause I aimed to understand pouch-construction.

The pattern for the small pencil- or glassespouch with the endless zipper I found on a German blog (himbeerkamel). It is in German – but I hope with the step-by-step foto-tutorial it is self explanatory.


3. October was kind of shopaholic... ebay… dawanda… local fabric market … lots of precuts, fabric and other stuff are waiting now for use!



4. October was successful … I successfully passed a postgraduate professional education: “Coaching with creative techniques”.  Beside my full time job I started it last year in November … now I’m happy that I climbed that mountain!

successfully passed a postgraduate professional education: Coaching with creative techniques


Thank you for stopping by.

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Finished Quilttop…

At last I finished the quilt top I started with at the end of August… I’m not really satisfied with the result – think I put all possible beginner’s mistakes in it… so much pieces (at last 1056 without the two borders), I don’t like the colours … I chose any fabric I found in my stash … because I wanted to try out a little bit how it feels making a big quilt (not knowing that it would be my wish at last bringing it to an end … now I know it is not like knitting .. he, he… where you try something and unstitch it to take the wool afterwards for a “perfect” work). But because it will be my first big one it will be loved as it is! For the back I choose the dark blue – the one you see in the border (it is dark blue with small light blue dots). For the binding I’ll take the fabric I took for the inner border and which are spotting the whole top. I hope it will be ready until the end of November… it will be appr. 57″x75″ then. It is my craft apprentice piece… some day I hope to make journeyman’s and – perhaps – masterpieces… There is a German proverb which says,” Hope is the last to die “.

my first big one!

my first big one!

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“Reading Bone” – a boneshaped relaxing neck pillow

bookworm Since she learned to read my daughter is a bookworm… no day without reading, no single week without finishing a book.

In her Autumn holidays she travelled to the Netherlands – to Ameland, an island in the Northern Sea – with other young people. When she returned yesterday I surprised her with a bone-shaped relaxing neck pillow… I think this pillow is a wonderful gift for book-addicted people.

I discovered the pattern on a German blog called “creadienstag” – what means “creative Tuesday”. All creative working bloggers are asked on Tuesday  to set a link for introducing their current projects… no matter if the projects are finished or still works in progress. It is alway interesting to see how many creative people are doing wonderful exciting work out there. And this website is also a treasure chest for ideas and always inspiring ( in German language – but sometimes an inspiring picture is all you need 🙂 ).

But here is the “Reading Bone” … and here you find the tutorial in English.

Reading Bone

I love its unusual shape. It is a nice project to use up fabric pieces and it is easy & fast to make. All what you need is filling mateial, 2 grosgrain ribbons and 3 bone shaped pieces of fabric (each appr. 10×18″). I think I will make some more as chistmas gifts for friends & family this year.

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Finished Pillow Case

I started to make a small rug for our side table beside our reading chair… but at the end it turned into a pillow case!

But seriously… I discovered a very interesting pattern in a video tutorial of the MSQC – they used it there for a baby quilt and I wanted to try it within a small project. It’s autumn now an I’m crazy about colours… so I took the last pieces of a batik charm pack to work with. After I did the first step and sewed the first two strippy squares together to cut it into 4 parts like shown in the tutorial I couldn’t stop and had to make some more… but what to do with it now where it was too big for a small rug?

middle part

middle part

Around the multicoloured center I sewed black stripes for the contrast. Out of all the remaining  batik scraps I cut triangles and sewed them into one long strip.

triangle strip

I used this strip to sew it as a border around the centre and for the back side to make a zipper cover out of it. I connected the top with batting and lining… ready to quilt!

ready to quilt

I decided to take orange yarn for the quilting – because orange is my favourite autumn-colour and a good contrast on the black fabric. On the lining side you can see the simple quilting I did.

Lining shows the quilt pattern.

Lining shows the quilt pattern.

On the back side I added a covered zipper. I choose a binding out of the black fabric… I sewed it on the front side with my machine, the blind stich on the back side was handstiched. And voilà…

The size is now 16 inch – it fits perfectly for a 15 3/4 ” pillow and it is a wonderful decoration of our reading chair now.



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