In spite of the wonderful sunset on the photo my daughter made Summer is almost gone now. My daughter made the photo in our neighbor city Bochum – it is a view from an old former coal mining/slag heap. We have lots of that here – nowadays mostly transformed into recreation places. I love that picture – do you see the girl who is making a selfie with her mobile or maybe putting the hair in order… In opposite to that scene the whole weekend was rainy and almost autumnal.

Since one week I am back to work after my summer holidays – but I was very busy. I began with a new quilt and did some other things. I didn’t manage to write my “connect quiltblocks with the QAYG-technique”… it was so very easy to take the step-by-step pictures – but writing the matching text is much more difficult … so I’ll do that later!


Two weeks ago I was inspired by the weekly MSQC tutorial – that week it was a Dresden Squared Quilt. So I prompt started a new quilt – I’ve chosen another block size (12″) and another sashing colour – but I am already excited to see how it will look.

960 pieces

960 pieces…

... connected to 480 pairs...

… connected to 480 pairs…
I used some fat quarters from Amy Butler and Tula Pink.

Okay… I suppose you know the next steps… pairs to double pairs, double pairs to…

24 big circles... appr. 20" in diameter

24 big circles… appr. 20″ in diameter

Time for a first layout test…

First layout test on the floor (with electric light... sorry)

First layout test on the floor (with electric light… sorry)

Now the very painful next step was waiting for me… squaring up all the circles…

squaring up the circles to 12,5" squares

squaring up the circles to 12,5″ squares

When I saw the leftovers I suddenly had the idea to connect to pieces a time to big orange peels or leaves … ok that is something for another quilt… isn’t that cool???

orangepeels or big leaves ... appr. 14" each!

leftovers turned in orangepeels or big leaves … appr. 14″ each!

The next step was to add all the center pieces. I have machine sewn the center with a small blanket stich. Therefor  I’ve used the same technique as with the orange peel pillow – sewn together the fabric with a thin sticky interfacing, right side to sticky side, cut a slit in the interfacing, turn inside out and iron in place before appliquéing with a small blanketstitch.

appliqué the center with a small blanket stitch

stitching down the center with a small blanket stitch

Meanwhile I basted all the squares and started quilting the squares to connect them afterwards with black sashing.


give-a-pink-shirtMy blogging friend Wanda  started a project with her local quilt guild: They are making Pink Shirt blocks for a raffle to benefits Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation. On her blog she asked for help – making a Pink Shirt using Carolyn Friedlander’s Shirts pattern… the pattern is only to buy, but I am in love with the pattern, since I saw it the first time month ago on Wanda’s blog… So it was a good opportunity to have a good reason for spending money…

I made two blocks to send it to the CVA MQG … and yes, I like to have taken part in the project and I love the pattern. All information about it you find at the website of the CVA MQG.

It is a bit time consuming  – but I can imagine making a quilt for a little girl using the shirt block as center of an economy block.



At Julie Hirt’s blog 627handworks I read about the Scrappy Trip Bee. What a

fascinating quiltpattern… and what an interesting way to sew the blocks … ok – at least I decided to participate (only five blocks until 15th October… that is achievable)….

After testing the pattern for a F2F-block I made another one today. I was to careful with the seam allowances that it turned out too big – it wasn’t possible to square it up with a 1/4″ final seam allowance. So I have to practise a bit and take this one as additional block for my F2F-quilt (in forsight I took fabrics which are in my F2F colour scheme).

Scrappy Trip Around the World quiltblock

Scrappy Trip Around the World quiltblock

I sketched a short tutorial in my sketchbook as a reminder how to construct the block… I have that personal designbook to collect all the patterns I love. The pattern is by Bonnie K. Hunter and for free available on her website: http://quiltville.blogspot.de/2005/06/scrappy-trips-around-world.html .

Scrappy trip around the world block

Scrappy trip around the world block










It is time to start with my second Postcrossing quilt… or better “Postcrossing meets Blog”-quilt.

35 people from 13 countries sent fabric so far. Apart from South America I got fabrics from every continent. Sue from sewingmagpie sent Guatemalian fabric from US – in this way also South America is represented.  Meanwhile I decided to make a very scrappy quilt. The topic of my first Postcrossing Quilt were postcards – the central theme of the second one is “STAMPS”… all the postcards I received, all the envelopes with fabrics had often beautiful stamps on it. So I plan to make a lot of “stamps” in different techniques… different kinds of appliqué, piecing, crazy quilting, some blocks with stiched embelleshing… I sketched some layout considerations in my sketchbook… different motifs, different sizes… connected with white sashing, quilted with a black zigzag line should look like stamps. But one thing is certain: it will be a long-term project. Doesn’t matter – winter evenings are long!

That was all for today. I wish you all a nice week!





Looking back on June…

Almost July!!! I was very lazy (with blogging)… so I not only have to look back on June but also on the end of May! In May I celebrated my birthday and as you can see I was blessed with fabrics and a special gift for the beginning of the F2F blockswap… a 12,5″ruler and a ruler grapper:

screen-shot-2015-03-02-at-7-13-18-amI used the ruler for my first blocks I made for the F2F block swap. The F2F – that means “Foot in a square Freestyle” – was an idea of Kate @talltalesfromchiconia and Sue @sewingmagpie. There are 12 participants – in every of the coming 12 months one of us is the “Queen of the month”. Everyone sew three blocks every month for the “Month-Queen”. The blocks have to be 12.5″, the design will be chosen by the one who sew it – the colour scheme is the choice of every participant. So during the coming year every participant will receive 33 blocks from the other participants and make 3 of her own. The first blocks I sewed for Esther from ipatchandquilt who was “Miss June”. fabrics and design board for Esther's blocksI loved Esther’s colour choice: coral, mustard, jadeite/minty bluish green on a white/cream or light grey background… It was really hard to decide… the last few month I was looking for block

designs, sketched lots of designs in my sketchbook, made a designbord…

At the end I made these 3 blocks:

If you want to see all the wonderful blocks Esther received visit Kate’s  F2F block swap gallery.

Now we have almost July… and Miss July is ME!!! So I am very excited and curious waiting what the others will sew & send to me. My colour scheme is orange/green/turquoise on a white background – like these Easter eggs … and the first block I sewed for myself. I always wanted to sew curves – now I tried and designed a kind of curved herringbone:

Beside the F2F blocks I entered the Amanda Jean’s SCRAPVORTEXQAL @crazymomquilts. I have a lot of scraps so I am glad to work them up.

I am a little bit behind now but it is real fun to see the blocks grow.

Last weekend I attended a longarm-quilting-workshop at my favourit local quiltshop… it was really fantastic! And the best thing is: now I am allowed to quilt my own quilts on the machine! Some participants wouldn’t repeat that experience – but for sure, I will!

So I see… I suppose I should write my blog posts more often… because there is more about May and June…

And I tried the tasty variation of the Cinnamon butter flower – you find the recipe here. The tasty variation is filled with red and green pesto and really delicious!

I tried the tasty variation of the cinnamon butter flower with red and green pesto  https://knettycraft.wordpress.com/2014/11/01/cinnamon-butter-flower-delicious-something-between-bread-cake/

I tried the tasty variation of the cinnamon butter flower with red and green pesto. If you would like to make it – here is the recipe:

Mr. Cluck is going to America…

As I told you, Laura from MAYROSESEWING won one of my chickens – Laura and her kids decided to name the log cabin one “Mr. Cluck” and give him a new home.

Mr. Cluck

Mr. Cluck

If you want to follow the chicken run around the world please visit Laura’s blog.

All about all the other chickens before and how to enter the chicken run  you can find at Avis’ blog from where the chicken run started. In her chicken run gallery you can see all the cute chickens and you’ll find links to all previous participants. Please let Avis know about every chicken that is hatched.  A tutorial to make a chicken pincushion you can find here at Carla’s Granny Maud’s Girl blog. They are fast and easy to make and you just need a very small amount of fabrics – you surely find in your stash. You can use every patchwork block pattern to make these cute chicken pincushions and there are a lot of possibilities to design beak, comb and tail – for beak and comb I took some selvages and for the tail pieces instead of prairie points I folded the small squares like origami square bases… I’m curious looking forward to all the following chickens!

needed material

needed material

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Chicken run continues – and the winner is…

November is over – and it’s done! The next leg of chicken run can start now.

There where 14 comments on my chicken introducing blog post: 4 friendly comments, 6 of my own,  2 pingbacks and 2 interested persons who would like to get one of my beauties and make another one. Two is not much… but it is enough to try the Random Number Generator! And I did!

drawn with the Random Number Generator

winner drawn with the Random Number Generator

The winner is: NUMBER 2 –> The second comment (in order of arrival) came from:

Oh what a great idea. I would love one of the chickens to find their way to Oregon USA. We will call him Mr. Cluck (unless my son overrules this name for something more spirited). It would feel at home with all the neighbor’s urban chickens.
Maybe I’ll get to send one off into the world!


So one of my chickens is now a little rooster and named Mr. Cluck – he will go to a journey to

Laura, Oregon, USA.

I don’t know now which chicken will fly to Laura but I’ll tell you as soon as I know! So, who is “Mr. Cluck”?

The Chicken Run Continues – Pincushion Giveaway / Swap

Few weeks ago I won a little chicken-pincushion. In spite of Carrot Leaf’s persisting flight* from US, Kentucky to me to Essen, Germany (… or maybe around and around and around the whole wide world…) I want to  introduce to you the chickens I sewed to give one of them away to the lucky winner.

All chicken pincushions I made are between 3″ and 4″.

First Chicken I made was a log-cabin-one. I called it Big Martha – it was the first one I made month ago. But now she would like to go on a journey… so if you like her, how would you name that little chicken?

Next chicken I made was a little one in chenille technique…

Also I made a chicken out of Japanese fabrics. I baught this wonderful fabrics few month ago on a local fabric market – but now I used it first time to make this little chicken:

Last but not least I designed a chicken with scrappy appliques and eyes out of  small freshwater perls  for you:

And this is where you come in: If you would like to win one of these chickens all you need to do is:

1. Agree to make another chicken and give it away on your blog within 4 weeks of receiving your prize. Include a link back to ohsewtempting.wordpress.com so that all the chickens can appear in her Chicken Run Gallery which will include a link to your blog if you have one. Please let Avis at ohsewtempting.wordpress.com know about every chicken that is hatched.  A tutorial to make a chicken pincushion you can find here at Carla’s Granny Maud’s Girl blog.

2. Leave a comment below to say what you would like to call your preferred chicken, which country it would be going to and why it would feel at home there.

The chickens are made from small scraps of fabric and a small amount of stuffing. They are stuffed with polyester batting. Please do not stuff your giveaway chicken with foodstuff or plant material as it may not be allowed into the country you are sending to. It is also possible to send the chicken without stuffing.

This giveaway is open to everyone in the whole wide world until the end of 30th November  (local time) and will be drawn using a random number generator. Numbers will be allocated in the order that comments are received.

Good luck!


Carla sent the chickens from Kentucky at 31 October... after 2 weeks they reached Essen, Germany

Carla sent the chickens from Kentucky at 31 October… after 2 weeks they reached Essen, Germany

linked with: Linky Tuesday, Let’s Bee Social, Show and Tell Tuesday

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29/09/2014 The next leg of chicken-run… Giveaway / Swap

I am the winner … Carla from Dancing Moon told me that I won her chicken, which I named “Carrot-Leaf” because of its colours and all the leaves on its plumage!

Carrot Leaf ... the cute Kentucky-autumn-chicken we are now waiting for!

Carrot Leaf … the cute Kentucky-autumn-chicken we are now waiting for!

Few month ago I already made a chicken – Big Martha – here is my original post.

Now me and Big Martha are curious about Carrot-Leaf’s arrival… she has to travel all the way from Kentucky, US to Essen, Germany… How long the journey probably will take??? I suppose I am not very patient!  But I will use the meantime to make some more chickens I will introduce to you after Carrot-Leafs arrival… and then you have 4 weeks to choose a chicken you would like to win.

The Chicken-Run  started in the North-East of England in January 2014… by Avis on her “Oh Sew Tempting” blog – there you can check out the gallery of chickens that have been running around the world until today – and the idea and the original giveaway

The promise if you win, is to make another chicken pin cushion and offer it  on your blog. There are just few things more you have to do to win… I will tell you after Carrot-Leaf’s arrival … or check it out meanwhile on the other winner’s blogs…

If you want to make your own chicken while waiting with me for Carrrot-Leaf…. you can find a helpful tutorial at Granny Maud’s Girl.

… I’m so excited!

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26/04/2014 The Chicken Run

Avis from UK started a chicken-run-contest in January 2014 on her blog ohsewtempting.wordpress.com. The idea is to send chicken-pincushions around the world… people who winning a chicken agree to make another one and post it on their blog to continue the run. … I’m not involved in trying to win (until now 🙂 ), but after Carla on grannymaudsgirl published the instructions for making the chicken-pincushions out of paperpieced logcabins… I made one, because they are just cute! Beside this I love the idea that these cute chickens are running to connect people from all over the world!

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