Disappearing Socks Phenomenon

On 6th of December St. Nicholas fills children's (well cleaned) shoes with sweets while they are sleeping. Yesterday I sewed this shoe for a girlfriend of my daughter.

I sewed this one for a girlfriend of my daughter.

There is a really dark mystery around here. Do you know the disappearing socks phenomenon? I don’t know where they are going (or why always one is left 🙂 )… is the washing machine maybe eating them? Or do we have a mystical socks robbing elf somewhere in our home? Last year when we moved in August I have thrown all lonely socks away… and today after removing  the laundry from the line I counted 25 lonely socks again. And there is another question I can’t find an answer to: Why are only my teenage daughter’s socks disappearing???

Does it make sense waiting for the other socks coming back? If not, what shall I do with all these?


In my English lessons at school I learned a Christmas song when I was a child:

Santa Claus is coming, it’s almost day. Sugar, cake and candy for christmas day. Hang up your stocking for Christmas day. I want the size forty stocking for Christmas day.

So I have a lot of size forty Christmas stockings now! (… German size 40 = 7/England, 9/USA)

Lonely Socks

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