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Postcrossing Quilt II … Fabrics I received so far

As I promised I want to show you the wonderful fabrics I received so far. Every day I found an envelope in my mailbox is exciting and a little bit like birthday… ohhh – perhaps not like that –> I would grow old very fast 🙂

So far I got fabrics from US, The Netherlands, France, Finland, Australia, Germany and Indonesia. And often I found a surprice when I open up an evelope… often more than one fabric piece, a nice postcard, interesting information and so on. Here I will show you some special things too I got with the fabrics:

Sari from Finland – who caused the second quilt 😉 because I received her fabric when I only had to sew a bit of binding on the first quilt, so I decided to start another one – sent a lovely postcard with her fabric… It is a picture from the Old Ladies series by Finish artist Inge Löök. I love these pictures. There are so many nice postcards I received with the fabrics… look here:

Sometimes there are so lovely stamps on the envelopes… look here, these nice crafting motifs from France:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd often it is the fabric which touches mOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAy heart – look here, Barbara from US sent a piece of her bridal’s dress fabric:

Solène, a young student of Textile Design from France sent 10 fabricpieces – pinned an description on every single piece about its origin:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd look here, what Kati sent from Finland: a really huge piece of self dyed wonderful blue fabric.

And I yesterday already showed the cucase for hexieste little bag Kate from Australia added to put the fabric in:

Every envelope or parcel is a gift showing worldwide friendship… and I am really thankful for every single fabricpiece which was sent to me for the quilt. This time I hope to connect fabrics from all continents in one quilt… Africa and South America are missing now but as far as I know on their way.

Okay… then let’s have a look at the fabrics… I just have the idea to let wordpress make an improvised patchwork out of them… let’s see how it works… and: it should be a different combination every time you load the page 🙂

Here are some links to other projects I know about:

“Worldwide Friends Quilt” – Kate @ talltalesfromchiconia… an international EPP hexiequilt out of indigo fabrics including a Japanese rabbit legend and haikus…

Another Postcrossing Quilt Nadja @ Patch and Stitch is working on… first fabrics arrived…

Gillian @ africanaussie started collect fabrics for a Blog Hug Quilt… I sent her fabric but in didn’t arrived yet.

So thank you for stopping and I hope you enjoy a look on the fabrics like I do.

P.S. … Gillian asked what I do with all the postcards… on the wall behind my sewing table I have a special wallhanging – there (beside other things like photos, flyer for our local fabric market, concert tickets – for instance tickets from a wonderful concert of Nils Landgren I visited in December) I put some postcards in and replace them from time to time 🙂


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